2020 – Step 30: Taking Turns

“Men are not prisoners of  fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”  ~Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Credit: You Tube – JumpJim – “30,000 foot HALO Jump”

A new chapter begins when the last chapter ends.  Momentum gaining.  Life unfolding.  Where do inspiration and illumination originate?  Is polarization rational?  Missed connections.  Science is mapping the brain – but the brain can’t see the picture – just yetPatienceFor todaylisten with your eyes – see with your ears – speak from the Heart.  Take the ‘30,000-foot-view.‘  Learning resilience.  Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  What has changed in your life this month?  What was your “that was then – this is now” moment?  What have “I” learned this month? What habit have I broken?  There’s rhyme – reason – rhythm to Nature’s Timing.  Stop fighting the flow.  Surrender/Acceptance doesn’t mean “giving up” – it means taking a pause and asking, “what am I learning?”  Karmic Knots are being “untied.”  What are you willing to ALLOW in your life?  How has it changed since the beginning of the month?  Pay attention – life can delight and surprise us when we are not taking ourselves so seriously.  Belly laughs are the best.  Be kind – please be kind.  Recognition arrived weeks ago – discerning the path requires contemplation.  You’ve so “got this.”  Don’t over-think.  NOTICE.  Just listen to ALL sides – especially the “IN Side.”  All is well.  ❤

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