Step 306: Sunday Blessings – The Next Chapter

“I was raw, then I got cooked, now I am burned.”  ~Rumi

Cognitive Ease is hearing something repeated over and over – to the point Human believes it to be the “Truth.”  It allows Human to feel more secure about “what I know.” The more we learn the less we KNOW.  We cannot make “peace” with Other – until we make “peace” with Self.  We breathe “life” into Intention when we speak.  For today –   in less than 60 days we enter The Roaring 20’s.  What’s your 2020 Vision for Self?  All 7+ billion “Souls-On-BoardTimeship Earth have each experienced shame-guilt-humiliation.  Are you good with all of “that?”  Yikes – nobody likes to go into the shadows and see what’s lurking.  It’s time to begin “making Peace” with Self and Other. It will require an adjustmentPeace is a paradox and begins with a question – “am I mortal OR immortal?”   When the Soul has completed a “learning” it will ask for a lift – to be removed from a situation/relationship – detach any energetic hooks from others.  Why do we ignore the darkness?  Cycles are unfolding rapidly – yet oh so slowly!  If there’s a “question” – take the advice you would offer another.  Change is in the air and we’re revisiting our “deep-dark-past” – all that “stuff” we’d rather not look at.  Consider WHAT choice “I have” – instead of “the choice.  Consider ALL options – no matter how far-fetched they appear.  Salvation and redemption are closer than we realize.  Lots of gurus and experts – listen to yourself – trust yourself above ALL others.  Serendipity is active – pay attention. Answers are closer than you realize.  Be kind to Self and Other.  Forgive Self and Other.  No one has “THE” answer – it’s in a constant-state-of-unfolding now.   Be yourselfyou’re more than enoughYou are loved more than you realize.  Faith and forgiveness dance well together.  All is well! ❤

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