2020 – Step 98: Getting to the Other Side

"Maverick - (noun) - an unbranded range animal; especially a motherless calf.  An independent individual who does not go along with a group or party."  Reflection - Investigation - Accountability - Reform.  Making 'peace' with the Devil Inside can bring about great healing. Think back to 2008.  Hope For Change.  Change has arrived.  For today … Continue reading 2020 – Step 98: Getting to the Other Side

Step 306: Sunday Blessings – The Next Chapter

"I was raw, then I got cooked, now I am burned."  ~Rumi Cognitive Ease is hearing something repeated over and over - to the point Human believes it to be the "Truth."  It allows Human to feel more secure about "what I know." The more we learn the less we KNOW.  We cannot make "peace" … Continue reading Step 306: Sunday Blessings – The Next Chapter

Step 53: Again……

It is through losing something over and over that we come to realize what we really have - which by the way - is identical to who we truly are - eternal and timeless Beings.  Use X-Ray Vision - What's the difference between "Jesus Christ" and "Christ Jesus?"  Today - ready to encounter the "dark … Continue reading Step 53: Again……

Step 49: The Cusp of Change

"It's not happy people who are thankful but it's thankful people who are happy."  ~Gratitude Changes Everything Movie Time and place.  Our greatest weakness is our greatest strength.  Take a moment and look back over the past 8 years.  What "hurt" needs to be reconciled?  A line is being drawn in the sand - a … Continue reading Step 49: The Cusp of Change

Step 29: Resolution

"Release what was.  Accept what is.  Create what must be."  ~Rebelle Society Are you being still when you should be moving - or - moving when stillness is required?  The pieces start to fall into place.  Understanding arrives.  Wisdom gained.  The MIND is drying out from its addiction to suffering.  Humans suffer needlessly.  Inconvenient and … Continue reading Step 29: Resolution