Step 302: Beam Me Up Scottie! 

When walls go up – misunderstandings occur.  Value.  Worth.  Substance.  Running like a thread through all of life’s lessons is recognizing that growth and maturity come from being able to find creative solutions to problems and persevering even when solutions are not readily available.  Life is benevolent – if we miss a “class” – it will surely come around again –  rarely when we expect it – but nothing is left incompleteUnderstanding a ‘thing‘ intellectually is not enough.  Useful Knowledge arrives from an experience that has been fully integrated “into my Soul.”  For today – never forget that ordinary humans can change the world.  Yes – you matter!  We all doWhat is Unspoken?  Is it OK to have dessert before dinner?  Is it possible to be awake and asleep at the same time?  Where do “I” draw the line – the boundary?  Meaning and purpose are crucial to ending a Karmic-Loop.  Think back to around September 14th – what part of “my Soul’s Evolution” is NOT to be stopped?  Truth is ‘on the move’ from the Head-to-the-Heart.  This is a transition and the question is “who is going to take responsibility for resetting boundaries?”  Start with the Self-To-Self relationship boundary and move outward.  Nothing is set in stone. Get stable with Self first.   Consider that LIFE is “moving through me” – rather than “me moving through Life.”  It’s a game-changer and meaning-maker.  Be kind.  Be aware. Be MORE conscious of words spoken.  Everything is right on time (contrary to how it appears).  It’s truly a ParadoxPlease keep your sense of humor handy today.  All is well!  ❤

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