Step 300: Accidental Magic

“Undulate – (verb) – to form or move in waves: fluctuate.  To rise and fall in volume, pitch or cadence.  To present a wavy appearance.”

Human seeks ‘meaning’ for all that was – is – will be.  What is “my Soul” doing here on Earth?  Insight.  Inspiration.  Without limitation there is no growth.  Frustration promotes correction. Communication takes on a whole new meaning.  The Unconscious rises to the surface when “I get ahead of myself.”  How did that “thing” happen? For today – Mind Games!  Crackling intensely – the Mind scurries to understand.  Thoughts are electrical impulses managed by the brain.  We choose to “have a thought” 2 seconds before we have it.  The Old-Me would have called this a “Crossroads Moment.”  New-Me understands something needs to be sacrificed ​- because the weight of it all is pulling me down.  There’s plenty of wounds – anger – hurt – ‘shadow-play’ looking for a place to land.  It’s just like the “spin-cycle” of a washing machine.  A centrifuge to remove excess water (emotion).  Might be a good idea to check the “water-level” before diving off the High-Dive.  True-Self is like Ancient Perfume.   Any discontent alerts us to the need for change in perception – direction – inspection.  Be open.  Be kind.  We are each part of Life – Life is ‘life-ing’ today!  Expect accidental Magic.  The human body is the Soul’s vehicle for the journey on Timeship Earth.  We’re ALL simply passing through – there is NO destination. Remember that today!  Plant seeds – lots and lots and lots of seeds.  They culminate Earth Day 2020!   All is well. ❤

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