Step 276:  Diplomacy/Intuition

We start everyday with a clean slate – a blank page.  No matter how elaborate the illusion – mirrors reveal the Truth.  The more “I see” the more “I know.”  Honesty and InnocenceCandid confrontation of circumstancesFor today – Be flexible.  Observe before taking action.  Look beyond the obvious.  One thing can lead to another.  Conditions are ripe for a new beginning – opportunities – change.  Instability leads to advancement.  Tension creates movement.  Are you proud of what you’ve achieved – OR – do you regret what could have been Not all lessons lead to regretSome are delightful.  Much is coming to light now – secrets revealed – unmasking.  Before drawing conclusions – it helps to “sort” the facts.  Listen to Inner GPS.  Many are NUMB and are not aware.  “Am I?” (Be HONEST with Self)  We all get a glimpse of a new opening!  Be kind to Self – Others.  Be gentle with Self – Others. Is it time to “clear the air?”  Trust yourself – you’ll know WHEN the time is right.  Listen carefully to what Other is saying – instead of forming the reply while they’re speaking. Click here to SEE what it looks like when we speak!  Surprise!  Be Yourself – your MORE than enough!  All is well! ❤

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