Step 277: Magnetic Attraction

“Herself – (noun) – human body encased in sparkly-star-shaped energy; aka Soul.”

Credit: “Esteiro” – Bego Amare – Smithsonian Magazine

Creativity and ConflictTwo together create One.  Boundaries – Reflection – Retrospection.  “If you could see it through my eyes – it would be so easy.”  Ever wish/wonder what would happen if someone could see it differently?  The question today is “how often do I seek to see it through their eyes?”  The more Human identifies with something “outside” Self – rather than “inside” Self – the greater the conflict. The question is not – “who am I?”  It’s “What am I?”  Balance.  For today – once a week the Universe gives us what IT needs – rarely what we want.  Ego and Soul have an agenda – Ego bows to Soul – Soul bows to Spirit – Spirit bows to OverSoul – OverSoul merges with Genius Intelligence – the Greater Cycle unfolding.  There’s a course correction in progress.  It takes powerful momentum to move and orchestrate 7+ billion Humans to change course.  Mysterious Momentum seeks the Unknown.  When you don’t know where you’re going or what you’re doing – it may be because a part of yourself –  that’s beyond conscious Self is guiding the way. Slow down.  Listen.  Noticeespecially if it’s a problem that persists.  The question is – “what is more important to me – the power of my Love or the Love of MY power?”  What is the “driving force” compelling you in the direction you are currently headed?  And who is driving – the Soul or the Ego?  Any conflict/challenge experienced is an opportunity to balance boundaries (Self-to-Self – Self-to-Other – Self-to-Creator).  Relax with “twists and turns.”  Lean in to awkward.  Remember the last time you were in this situation?  It worked out then and it will work out now.  We’re emptying out in order to refill the tank!  Fierce Kindness and Gentleness are needed (small steps) as well as BIG belly laughs.  No More Waiting!  All is well! ❤

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