Step 239: Arc of Inspiration

“Sanguine – (adjective) – cheerfully optimistic, hopeful or confident – (noun) – a red iron-oxide crayon used in making drawings.”

In the East it’s called – “Dragon Power.”  In the West it’s called “The Hand of God.”  No matter what you call it – when Human is receptive to the ‘twists and turns‘ – Inspiration flashes.  Trust Inner Self – not the LEADER.  Natural Law requires balance of Masculine (inspiration) and Feminine (creation).  Nothing stops the flow (Feminine) faster than an unnatural show of FORCE (Masculine). It’s not so much about seeking – as it is about standing still and receivingFor today – No matter what we encounter – I’m ready.  Human often gets frustrated when “life doesn’t move faster.”  Hmmm – that sounds like Ego getting antsy.  If Human got everything desired “right now” it would shatter the Mind’s perception of reality.  Possibility lurks in the shadows.  Open the curtains and LOOK INSIDE.  Think back to December 2017remember choices made – are they still viable or is it time to let go and start overIf not – why hold on?  Open hands and let go for maximum Peace of MindWhat you do with what you have to give is the key to your success.  Get organized.  Feeding Ego weakens power.  Repair something.  Get outside in Nature.  Hug yourself.  Clean out a drawer. Attend to details.  It’s necessary – as you are about to encounter some real magic – when that “thing” you’ve been trying to create collides with YOU at the Intersection of LifeSoonBaby steps everyday are necessary for a solid foundation for the future.  You’ve got this.  You ROCK!  Be your own Shero!  All is well! ❤ ❤ ❤

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