Step 319: The Right Stuff!

“Ontology – (noun) – The branch of philosophy (metaphysics) that deals with existence, including reality.  The being and existence of some object of idea itself.  The description of a set of categories and the relations between them in some subject or domain.”

Credit: Brisenia Flores – “Free as a Bird”

There’s a space in timewaiting. Old energy is rekindled.  Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  Something that wasn’t even an option yesterday is now Pure Inspiration.  Genius is hidden in the wisdom of ‘life experiences.‘  There’s a beginning – a middle – and a “twist” to each Human Story.  Are “Happy Endings” guaranteed?  It depends on the definition of “Happy Ending.”  For today – expect to see a “Ripple Effect.”  Dig deep!  Past actions come back around for future revision.  It’s easy to get so lost in the ‘trees’ we forget the forest.  Expand perspective today.  It started in July 2018 – a wild and woolly thoughtBe a VERY good noticer today – for another glimpse at that “wild and woollythought that can culminate in January 2020.  The question is – “where does this thought” originate (Ego or Soul)?  HintEgo likes the safe and secure route – while Soul/Spirit only seeks Evolution (if it scares the sh*t out of you – it’s probably safe to assume it’s the Soul).  The coming week will bring plenty of insight and understanding from the “Dark-Side-Of-Self.”  Sometimes we become lost in the fog – it’s OK to ask to be shown “what do I need to know – right now?”  There’s a Sacred Convergence headed this way.  Have patience.  Be pragmatic.  Persevere.  Victory has already been achieved – as individuals are raising their vibration – the goal is to maintain that New Status Quo.  Get rest when needed.  Write down wild and crazy ideas.  Be kind to Self and Other.  Our common bond is we all laugh-cry-eat in the same language. Sometimes – it helps if we have a little snack and a rest.  What are you nourishing your body and Soul withHow does the body feel?  It’s your Soul’s vehicle for Evolution.  Remember that today.   The failures we experience in life HELP to be more in touch with our hidden aspects and realize HOW they have a life of their own.  It’s usually different from our expectations – and the limited framework from which we view reality.  ~sighAll is well! ❤

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