Step 290: Creating the New Level

“We think that there’s a captain of the ship – but what happens when someone figures out how to move the ocean?”  ~Christopher Wylie

Credit: Big Think
Welcome clarity – redefining what matters most.  Has the “expiration date” passed on what used to be important?  Self learns about Itself by experiencing what Self is drawn/attracted to.  The Mind feels “safe” when it can “compare and measure” progress.  It’s called the Charm Offensive – pretending nothing is hidden by talking about it.  HmmmFor today – There’s a Convergence ahead – January 12, 2020Complicit – Compliant – Complacent.  The cycle started around January 19th (the hardest bridge Human ever burns is the one between ‘who I am’ and ‘who I thought I was‘).  Think back to around May 3rd (the question was – would you trust someone to look out for your best interests NOW – if you couldn’t trust them back then?).  Think back to around June 19th (strange thoughts brought a change in direction – was it inspiration or Happeness – the ability to see the Original Design beneath the chaos). Think back to around July 27th (constant contraction is the status quo was collapsing in on itself – fate is old memory from the future).  Stick to the facts – smooth out the edges.  If you’re ready and willing you can ‘crack the code’ this weekend.  We’re turning sh*t into fertilizer! Where we’re headed is NOT a location – but a Creation Everything is right on time and when needed – the Soul will bring help!  Expect the unexpected – perhaps experience something surreal.  Speak up when needed and never-ever accept less than you deserve!  Be kind to Self and Other.  We’re all going through this together.  It’s a Paradoxtrust SelfThere are no winners OR losers there are only CreatorsOn to the Next Level.  All is well!   ❤

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