Step 279: Follow Your North Star

“Redound – (verb) – to have an effect for good or ill; to become transferred or added – accrue; rebound, reflect.” 

Credit: Soul Alchemy – Facebook
Eventually arrives several times a year. Suffering reminds us to allow the integration of Greater Forces to bring Soul and Self into harmony – WHOLE.  Trust is staying in a state of alignment where “I remember what I know.  For todayIt keeps coming around – over and over againThe UNSPOKEN!  Think back to around May 8th (it felt like taking the Final Exam – who was doing the choosing – and TA-DA – something is working out of the blue).  Think back to around July 7th (what has great value –  what died in the night – what was humbling you – and where was the EXIT out of Never-Never-Land found? )  Think back around to August 16th – (pattern recognition discovered – what language are we speaking – no more pandering to others – settling and calling it a life – the line in the sand).  Connect all the dots – or – better yet – throw all the puzzle pieces up in the air and see where they fall.  The subject matter today is Taboo (that which we do not speak of).  Do words and actions matchAlways – always – always trust yourself above all others.  If you’re confused – listen to your Body Electric –  it never lies to us!  Be kind.  Be gracious.  Be grateful.  We’re riding the wave of Justice-to-Mercy.  Use context to enable Forgiveness.  We’re all rowing the same boat in a circle of cycles!  All is well!  ❤

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