Step 232: Moving On

“Verdant – (adjective) – bright green in hue; green due to lush, growing vegetation; inexperienced – fresh.”  

Welcome to the Next Level.  Think back to August 21, 2017 – It was the Great American Eclipse.  What we created is now “speaking” to us.  Be practical. What have you learned about yourself and others since then?   What pattern has been broken?  For today – proceed at your own pace.  Feet on the ground.  SELF-DISCIPLINE.  Some are rushing forward – trying to skip over the “painful parts.”  Some are striking out – charting a new course – free of regret. Many have lost touch with their Soul.  When we overcome our attachment to a particular outcome –  we are free to explore the forgotten and neglected parts of “myself.”  All that glitters is not goldAll that’s happening is we are being tasked to let go of the need of external validation as we learn to validate SelfInitiation.  The Mind bows to the Heart.  Be open to what is being presented – while the “old” is falling away.  Follow what excites you inside.  Passion is the Heart’s TruthListen to it.  Be gentle.  Be kind.  Lift YOUR veil.  All is well!   ❤ ❤ ❤

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