Step 161: The Breath Not Taken!

“Aliveness comes down to one thing—consenting to rise, to be indented, impressed, pressed in upon, to rejoin, to open, to ponder, to be where we are in this moment and see what happens, allowing the breath of not knowing to be taken.”  ~Ann Ulanov
Expect inspiration.  Expect synchronicity. Unity is the goal.  We study history so we learn from it – and don’t repeat it. Pretty simple. Success is not a substitute for values.  Character is important.  It’s called Emotional Intelligence.  Think back to around March 7thRunning away – or – running toward somethingConfusion – or – clarity?  Melancholy occurs when we face being “broken-open.”  Sadness occurs when we believe something is “missing.”  The sub-conscious can be a powerful ally – when allowed to “dream the impossible dream.”  What if you knew that choices being made in the first 2 weeks of June would have powerful repercussions in December 2021?  Would that make a difference in tangible action taken todayFor today – Be your own Super-Shero, take a step toward a cherished dream/vision/quest – and KNOW that there is meaning – purpose – a reason – it all worked out the way it did.  An unexpected gift arrives – right on timeOh – – the irony of it all!  All is well!  

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