Step 13: …reality is “THE” illusion…

Credit: NCAR (Create your own reality)

A stone hidden beneath the earth weighs as much as one on the surface.  Every thought – deed – word – action has been recorded for future reference.  We continue to travel in a circle, coming back to the same “sticking-point” until we “get it.”  If pressed to give a title to your life (movie/book/song) – what would it be?  We are each producer, director and lead actor in our personal perception we call “My Life.”  All those people you interact with are the “Supporting actors.”  We’re ready to come into contact with “the truth.” 

An adjustment is needed between the “seen and unseen – the visible and the invisible.”  It’s important to treat everything like we’re handling the wings of a butterfly – be gentle with self and others.  We are ALL rowing the same boat folks! Do words and actions match? They MUST now.  Otherwise we’re lying to protect Ego.

Choices made now come back around June 16th and September 21st.  For best results – do not avoid, listen to hear (NOT to reply), be patient with self and others, take it one step at a time, know it’s okay to say “I DON’T KNOW” and above all – if this is the same “movie” you’ve seen too many times, it may be time to change the channel. 

EFFORT.  Take step-by-step-action to make desired changes every day.  All that’s happening is LIFE rearranging itself.  We’re creating a New Normal for 2019.  An old reality has reached completion so the NEW and TRUE can begin.  All is Well! ❤

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