2020 – Step 165: In-Between-Time (Depth of Irony)

"I am one with the Earth.  The Earth and my self are one mind."  ~Jose Arguelles https://gfycat.com/marvelouskeengoat Welcome to the Sideways-Escalator - please turn off autopilot function. The Collective Unconscious is 'waking from a dream.'  It's an endless non-stop-feedback loop.  It's OK to cry. The Revolution is being televised!  No one said any of this … Continue reading 2020 – Step 165: In-Between-Time (Depth of Irony)

Step 7: Convergence

"The mountain rests on the earth; Its foundation is broad and strong.  The old is falling away, Leaving you with strength and a new resolve." ~I-Ching #23 (Splitting Apart) A choice presents itself today - turn tail and run away from issues (everything would collapse, leaving you with nothing and you would have to retreat … Continue reading Step 7: Convergence