Step 257: Sunday Blessings – Keeping Time

"Continual (adjective) - continuing indefinitely in time without interruption; recurring in steady usual rapid succession."   Momentum.  Mixing - Matching - Aligning - Converging.  Father Time asks each of us - "are you ready to move on or shall we continue along this path?"  It's one thing to KNOW the Truth - but am "I … Continue reading Step 257: Sunday Blessings – Keeping Time

Step 247: Time Travel

"Today is the pupil of yesterday."  ~Publilus Syrus Is it OK to be irreverent?  Think back to the last week of October 2018 - remember how weary you were watching the past burn to the ground?  Right before Christmas 2018 - you asked for guidance about a pressing situation - Origin Unknown (Hint - it … Continue reading Step 247: Time Travel

Step 240: Assimilate – Integrate – Repeat

"Never eat more than you can lift."  ~ Miss Piggy 🙂 Human "values" project Hope and Fear - depending on what part of Human psychology and behavior prevails - the highest potential or worst tendencies. If Human is how the Universe experiences Itself - then the Original Intent is Soul Evolution.  We are just beginning … Continue reading Step 240: Assimilate – Integrate – Repeat

Step 238: Finding Your Mojo (What My Soul Wants)

"Desuetude - (noun) - discontinuance from use or exercise: disuse." Welcome to progress. Isolation often precedes Elevation.  Heart versus Mind.  Tension stretches reason to its limits. Discontent Divine.  It's subconscious.  Integration.  Elimination.  Fate is questioned. Destiny is a choice. Trust your passion.  Should I stay or should I go?  Sign - renegotiate - or let … Continue reading Step 238: Finding Your Mojo (What My Soul Wants)

Step 237: Open the Gate

"When the winds of change blow - some people build walls - others build windmills."  ~Chinese Proverb Not all storms that appear in our lives come to disrupt - some come to clear a path.  As the old saying goes - this is your life - this is NOT a dress rehearsal. For today - … Continue reading Step 237: Open the Gate