Step 310: Lost & Found

"What you are looking for is WHO is looking."  ~St. Francis of Assisi Does the Soul experience Human-Ego viscerally?  Momentum is building.  If you consider your life on Timeship Earth - fill in the blank "my Soul came here to ________________."    Repeating Cycles.  Look at the dates below for reference points and connect dots.  … Continue reading Step 310: Lost & Found

Step 31; Spiritual Rubber Meets Reality Road

"Raddled - being in a state of confusion - worn down." Giving up is easy. Getting back up is not.  The moment we seek freedom we unconsciously agree to be held in bondage.  Opposites are equal.  Without options the path is clear.  Exhausting ALL possibilities brings awareness of an incredible strength and willpower.  Welcome to … Continue reading Step 31; Spiritual Rubber Meets Reality Road

Step 28: Approaching – Or – Retreating

"Who you roll with at this opportune time is of utmost importance. Should you give yourself away or join with others who do not match your passion and intent you would be left on the shore, exhausted and grasping for air."  ~I-Ching #42 Every single event in our lives is there because we put it … Continue reading Step 28: Approaching – Or – Retreating

Step 23: Animate your Soul and “walls fall!”

Common sense.  Unfulfilled goals has a way of making us notice things related to that goal.  Seeing something desired increases in direct proportion to how much lack is experienced.  Once a goal is achieved - it doesn't take long before a new goal is needed.  And the cycle begins again.  ~sigh~  For today - stop … Continue reading Step 23: Animate your Soul and “walls fall!”