2020 – Step 65 – Good Things Happen When We’re Not Paying Attention!

"It's really easy to complain.  If your not careful, then you end up complaining about your whole life.  Concentrating on the good things is really good.  Catch people doing good."  ~Lisa Williams (Poet) Misjudgment Day. Meaning/Purpose. Cause/Effect.  When the Student is ready the Teacher will appear - OR - when the Teacher is ready the … Continue reading 2020 – Step 65 – Good Things Happen When We’re Not Paying Attention!

Step 240: Assimilate – Integrate – Repeat

"Never eat more than you can lift."  ~ Miss Piggy 🙂 Human "values" project Hope and Fear - depending on what part of Human psychology and behavior prevails - the highest potential or worst tendencies. If Human is how the Universe experiences Itself - then the Original Intent is Soul Evolution.  We are just beginning … Continue reading Step 240: Assimilate – Integrate – Repeat

Step 39: Baptism

"Don't dwell in the past - don't dream of the future - concentrate the Mind on the present moment."  ~Buddha It's been 50 years in the making and it's time to flush the Cosmic Sewage.  It's the ultimate detox - Baptism.  With the gestation period over we begin the labor of Re-Birth.  No matter what … Continue reading Step 39: Baptism

Step 34: Retreat

"All things change.  The root of the situation is in decay.  Progress and opportunity await.  Correction is necessary."  ~I-Ching #18 Decay No one likes to wake up and realize they have compromised "My Self" - or - they've been moving through a self-induced-stupor and the physical world experienced in our "waking hours" is really an … Continue reading Step 34: Retreat

Step 23: Animate your Soul and “walls fall!”

Common sense.  Unfulfilled goals has a way of making us notice things related to that goal.  Seeing something desired increases in direct proportion to how much lack is experienced.  Once a goal is achieved - it doesn't take long before a new goal is needed.  And the cycle begins again.  ~sigh~  For today - stop … Continue reading Step 23: Animate your Soul and “walls fall!”