Step 226: Purpose and Promise

"Miscible - (adjective) - capable of being mixed; specifically: capable of mixing in any ration without separation of two phases." The "Sugar-High" is coming to an end. Innovation forces Evolution.  People at war with themselves - are at war other others. When Human is 100% committed to fulfilling their own desires - they are in … Continue reading Step 226: Purpose and Promise

Step 35: Turn off the “projector!”

"Unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die - it ain't gonna' happen."  ~My Grandma   Expect to be "SURPRISED" today.  What is your first reaction to that statement? A) Oh yay ME!  B) Oh Lord, what now?  C) Hmmm, I wonder what that's about?  No matter the reaction it is a … Continue reading Step 35: Turn off the “projector!”

Step 34: Retreat

"All things change.  The root of the situation is in decay.  Progress and opportunity await.  Correction is necessary."  ~I-Ching #18 Decay No one likes to wake up and realize they have compromised "My Self" - or - they've been moving through a self-induced-stupor and the physical world experienced in our "waking hours" is really an … Continue reading Step 34: Retreat