Step 191: Wild Sourcing – Alchemy

"Peccable - (adjective) - liable to sin or error."  June/July are challenging.  We will see this energy again in December/January.  The 'old normal' is being recreated.  Fire can provide warmth and comfort - or - it can cause total destruction - making room for new growth.  Water gives life to a desert traveler - but … Continue reading Step 191: Wild Sourcing – Alchemy

Step 183: Many Roads – One Path

"Sedulous - (adjective) - involving or accomplished with careful perseverance; diligent in application or pursuit."  Fate and destiny call out to each of us.  We're in 'purge and clear' mode - time to clean out the refrigerator (again).  Check expiration dates on relationships, habits, thoughts and beliefs.  July brings the 'cut-off-point.'  The answer has been … Continue reading Step 183: Many Roads – One Path