2020 – Step 50 – Suspended Animation

"Never limit yourself to others' limited imagination. Never limit others' because of your own limited imagination."  ~Mae Jemison (engineer - former astronaut) Life is a Mystery - it's not meant to be understood.  Knowledge is a 'function' of the reality that created it.  Feel the space between "ideas" and "reality."  Have a seat.  Waking-Down.  Deep-Deep-Learning-Day.  … Continue reading 2020 – Step 50 – Suspended Animation

Step 143: Ticket to Ride

"Apposite - (adj.) highly pertinent or appropriate, apt."   Have noticed how the need to compare, measure and evaluate is fading away? 1) Would you accept me if you knew I ______________________________? 2) Would you hire me if you knew I _________________________________? 3) Would you be my friend if you knew I ____________________________? 4) Would … Continue reading Step 143: Ticket to Ride

Step 142: Reverse Engineering Middle Age

“Real isn’t how you are made - It’s a thing that happens to you.”  ~Margery Williams (The Velveteen Rabbit) Power is acting for good — and knowing when you should.  Be inspired when taking action - no one is under any obligation. Thoughts and ideas are manifesting.  Make no assumptions.  It's so easy to "get … Continue reading Step 142: Reverse Engineering Middle Age