Step 166: Happen-ness

"Remember - there's no one in the kitchen but you."  ~Julia Child Hearts are being searched all over the the world.  Truth - Meaning - Purpose.  Govern your own light and where you shine it.  Rein in self-importance. This ball was set in motion in 2009.   Context - There is a reason for everything.  Listen … Continue reading Step 166: Happen-ness

Step 164: The Mirrorverse

Some will call it Justice - some will call it chaos.  Chaos is evidence of change.  Without limitation there is no movement.  We're due for an inconvenient truth.   BUT - - We want empirical evidence. Proof!  To get the "desired proof" answer this question - - "what have I sacrificed on the Altar of … Continue reading Step 164: The Mirrorverse

Step 163: Between Structure and Surprise!

"Scrutinize - (verb) - to examine closely and minutely." You know that "thing" you keep doing over and over and often wonder - "why can't I stop myself?"  Yep - that thing!  What if you were to discover that it's something your Soul really-really-really wants to experience from all sides?  How would you feel about/see … Continue reading Step 163: Between Structure and Surprise!

Step 162: The Courage of Destiny

Humans are conditioned from birth - to be afraid to fail.  The most powerful tool a human has is the ability to just say "NO!"  Whatever that "thing" that has been avoided can no longer be avoided.  By avoiding it - we give it MORE POWER.  Think back to August 26, 2017.  Remember the Great … Continue reading Step 162: The Courage of Destiny

Step 156: Kicking myself out of the Nest!

"Robot - (N) - Meaning: 1. A mechanical device designed to do the work of a human being. 2. A person who performs repetitious work mechanically, without feeling or emotion."  Fearless Rising!  The Universe has tools to move us into "self-realization."  The future is encoded in the past - our job is to remember the … Continue reading Step 156: Kicking myself out of the Nest!