2020 – Step 11: Unification

"Convoke - (verb) - to call together to a meeting." What FEELS right?  Discard old assumptions.  Call in conflicted ideas - beliefs  - wishes.  God rolls the dice in places Human does NOT know exists. Tried and true - OR - something new?  Do worry - doubt - fear - anger - confusion - and … Continue reading 2020 – Step 11: Unification

Step 359: Deep Clarification

"Whipsaw - (verb) - to beset or victimize in two opposite ways at once, by two-phase operation or by collusive action of two opponents."  January begins at the end of December.  Holding on - OR - letting go.  Which makes Human stronger?  ​Expansion or Contraction.  Pain or Gain.  Which makes Human wiser?  Fear - doubt … Continue reading Step 359: Deep Clarification