2020 – Christmas Spirit(s)

"beingmyownself" will return on January 1, 2021.  2020 has been a wild ride.  A heartfelt 'thank you' to those who support this blog - my astrology and for all who have reached out and connected this year.  You're all amazing.  For those who were able to see the BIG PICTURE and the gift of Coronavirus … Continue reading 2020 – Christmas Spirit(s)

Step 360: Looking Back – Then Moving Forward

"The only way around is through."  ~Robert Frost Imagine the experience of "not pretending."  ​The choice to breathe is a shared experience - but the choice to live is an "involuntary breath."  Identity is defined by "words spoken."  Expansion is "in the air."  For today - teachers arrive in unexpected form.  One of the greatest … Continue reading Step 360: Looking Back – Then Moving Forward

Step 91: The Power of WE

Hamartia - (n) the character flaw that causes the downfall of the protagonist in a tragedy; tragic flaw.  Nothing is perfect - but everything is useful.  Eliminate and dissolve the artificial structures - dynamics - beliefs - memories and conditioning of the past.  It takes practice.  Redact or censor - the Truth - in the … Continue reading Step 91: The Power of WE