2020 – Step 82: Sunday Blessings – Lucid Un-Dreaming

Between Order and Disorder is the point of spontaneous creation - it's called The Chaosmos.  Beginner's Mind.  For today - keep it simple.  Identify the problem.  State what needs to happen.  Offer to help.  It's not Social Distancing - it's Physical Distancing.  Love is Medicine.  Self-organizing. Reorganizing Community.  It's not "why is this happening" - … Continue reading 2020 – Step 82: Sunday Blessings – Lucid Un-Dreaming

Step 89: Good one!

“Impermanence (n) - the way change falls in love with you,"  ~Andrea Balt Time is the great dissolver.  Restore. Rejuvenate.  See what "IS" and what "IS NOT."  The only permission you need is your own. Spring has sprung.  Birds are flirting.  Squirrels are chattering.  Flowers are strutting their stuff.  Nature is always generous with Her … Continue reading Step 89: Good one!