Step 22: Little things…..

"This is a solo journey.  Do not look outside yourself or depend on others to do the work for you.  You can do this."  ~I-Ching #62 The hardest addiction for a human to break is the addiction to suffering.  While the "MIND" begins "drying out" from its "suffering," take baby steps and know that everything … Continue reading Step 22: Little things…..

Step 21: Wealthcare

"The ego will often blast you with reasons why you shouldn’t trust, why you should retreat to your old, fallback position of feeling shame, guilt and fear, the feeling of being separate, an outsider. Use what you have learned to quiet this yapping voice of negativity."  ~Bobby K. There are three kinds of Wealth: Lucky … Continue reading Step 21: Wealthcare

Step 19: Back to the Future (please)

"All that is ironic, given what these governments are hanging themselves up for: a hatred that’s quietly growing so large it’s destroying their stability from within, all for fear of someone coming from the outside to do the same."  ~Annalisa Merelli This weekend brings a rare opportunity - to allow "past-self" and "future-self" merge.  The … Continue reading Step 19: Back to the Future (please)

Step 15: Holy Spirit

"Release what was.  Accept what is.  Create what must be."  ~Rebelle Society The most dangerous phrase in the English language is, "we've always done it this way." Life shows up for each of us with every breath we take. The least we can do is "show up for Life." Confusion is the first sign of … Continue reading Step 15: Holy Spirit