Step 34: Retreat

"All things change.  The root of the situation is in decay.  Progress and opportunity await.  Correction is necessary."  ~I-Ching #18 Decay No one likes to wake up and realize they have compromised "My Self" - or - they've been moving through a self-induced-stupor and the physical world experienced in our "waking hours" is really an … Continue reading Step 34: Retreat

Step 30: Reinventing Possibility!

What goes around comes around.  Without options the path is clear AND obvious.  Think back to June 21st - July 3rd, 2018 and October 10th & 11th.  What's happening now is being caused by someone saying "YES" last year.  All that "yessing" last year was often unconscious and mechanical.  We are NOT Robots - wake … Continue reading Step 30: Reinventing Possibility!

Step 29: Resolution

"Release what was.  Accept what is.  Create what must be."  ~Rebelle Society Are you being still when you should be moving - or - moving when stillness is required?  The pieces start to fall into place.  Understanding arrives.  Wisdom gained.  The MIND is drying out from its addiction to suffering.  Humans suffer needlessly.  Inconvenient and … Continue reading Step 29: Resolution