2020 – Step 82: Sunday Blessings – Lucid Un-Dreaming

Between Order and Disorder is the point of spontaneous creation - it's called The Chaosmos.  Beginner's Mind.  For today - keep it simple.  Identify the problem.  State what needs to happen.  Offer to help.  It's not Social Distancing - it's Physical Distancing.  Love is Medicine.  Self-organizing. Reorganizing Community.  It's not "why is this happening" - … Continue reading 2020 – Step 82: Sunday Blessings – Lucid Un-Dreaming

Step 119:Sunday Blessing – Recognizing Humaness

"Brainchild - (noun) - a product of one's creative work or thought." Complementary opposites!  Every single thing we encounter in life has many implications - many layers and meanings. How are you and your relationship with "Patience" getting along?  ​Patience provides an opportunity for expanded perspective. Look at the world with "fresh eyes."  On the … Continue reading Step 119:Sunday Blessing – Recognizing Humaness