Step 309:  Magic – Mystery – Miracle

"Some people feel the rain.  Others get wet."  ~Bob Dylan The Human brain is hard-wired to "fill in the blanks."  Quick - which is more important - being successful OR being kind?​  Without limitation there is no opportunity to maximize growth and/or progress.  Trial and Error.  Compare and Contrast.  Becoming a responsible adult doesn't happen … Continue reading Step 309:  Magic – Mystery – Miracle

Step 175: Updating the Inner Map – Be a Star!

Right now we are traveling on a living - sentient - spaceship - hurtling through time and space at almost 69,000 MPH.  Destination - Unknown.   For today - reconsider that "transformation" is NOT meant to be an adornment - but rather - an unraveling to get you to the "next level."   Be your … Continue reading Step 175: Updating the Inner Map – Be a Star!