2022 – Resurrection – Full Moon @ 27 Libra

“What you seek is seeking you.” ~Rumi

April showers bring May flowers. Turning Point. Which comes first – the chicken or the eggevolution or revolution? Bubbles are popping as we move from “possible to actual. April and Mayexpect intensity with a higher than average chance of Clarity. Happy Easter!

Masculine and Feminine “complement” one another. YES! We need each other! We are each other. We are Co-Creators. The great irony is that we forget to include SELF in our perspective – point of view. Nature is a FORCEShe moves in mysterious ways.

Slowly – but – surely – a change in point of view is rising from within. We believe our Soul is INSIDE us. Please consider instead – that we are EACH INSIDE our Soul. Visualize that please. Feminine-Wisdom always asks the BIG QUESTIONS!

What is the purpose of humans on Earth?

Who AM I being here on Earth?

Am I effectively using my time on Earth to help future generations?

How do I help/hurt the next generation?

How does my Soul see my actions and – how I use my time on Earth?

Does time exist anywhere in the Universe besides Earth – or is it just a Human-Thing?

What is “my Soul” asking me to move toward?

This week’s Full Moon in Libra brings a culmination – an opposition – “what you seek is seeking you” kind of thing. It’s about Sovereign Power. Relationship with Self (first) – then relationship with “other.” We can only see Self clearly through the eyes of another (my other Self).

Ask those BIG QUESTIONS this week – no one will be disappointed. Chances are good we’ll be realigned with Soul-Self. We’re moving from the Inside-Out now and possibility is becoming actuality. It requires effort.

This week Jupiter and Neptune merge to present a new option for humansLOVE WITHOUT ILLUSION. Feminine Consciousness. Some will be uplifted and inspired – while others will experience disappointment with Illusion. Venus (Magnetic Queen) rules both the Full Moon in Libra and the Solar Eclipse in Taurus (April 30th). Venus is Pure Feminine. She’s tricky though.

She’s the “Hostess with the Mostess.” She’ll open the door to HER domain – invite you inside – smile and embrace you as you are – in all our One-Selfness. She only leads us to disappointment when we are “settling for less than we deserve.” That’s no longer acceptable.

Easter is the religious holiday to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus INTO Christ. It was originally a Pagan holiday to celebrate the Creator-Feminine. How much do we know about Mary Magdaleneshe’s the one who found the tomb of Jesus open? If you could sit down and talk with her – what would you ask herif anything? Would you welcome her into your home? Consider Her Feminine-Wise. She’s Gnosis. Knowing! Ears that Hear!

Venus will follow up with Neptune to get your answer around April 25th – and with Jupiter on the 30th – during the Eclipse. Here comes a Resurrection – but the question is – what’s being Resurrected? And what new form will it take? Think back to Spring 2004! There’s a clue hiding in plain sight. To find the answerlook back in time and see when you became your TRUE SELF! It’s a process that’s constantly unfolding too!

Notice Serendipity over the next couple of weeks – it’s going to be STRONG. Serendipity is when we catch the Universe “observing us.” Why does that happen? Why would the Universe watch “me?” To get us back on track? There’s more than meets the eye going on here! Consider we are in a “relationship” with the Universe and we cannot exist without one another. WE NEED EACH OTHER – we cannot exist without one another. Spine-tingling – it is! This is a week of “completion” – what we SEEK finds US!

If you’re unsure – here’s a “freebie” – a downloadable ebook called “Sovereign Integral.” You may or may not find it helpful! Click here to read! Scroll down a few paragraphs – you can’t miss it!

Embrace the path of self-control – self-realization – confidence and respectability. Be ‘Commander and Chief’ of your own life – your own Self. How comfortable are you with your own power? Is PEACE a necessity? Solutions require recognizing the problem. Surprise – the future determines the present! Be yourself. Be your own Guru. The 20’s are a Decade of Change! All is well! ❤

“While you are riding the wave you just put your best self out there and enjoy it.” ~Freida Pinto

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