2022 – (re)Genesis

“An object attracts us; we do not attract the object. Objects govern us from outside. They make us do all sorts of things. It is not the woman who buys the hat, but the hat buys the woman. The man does not smoke the cigarette; the cigarette smokes the man… The attention and the will generated by outside objects, through the senses, are not our own. They are part of the mechanism of Nature: Nature works us. We do not conquer Nature; Nature conquers us. The attention and the will connected with the physical senses and outside objects are not our own. This will is not free, but answers the call of every outside object.” ~Thomas de Hartmann

Evolution takes time. Patience Required! Is the human Psyche made of “organic or inorganic” material? Unraveling. Resilience. The ability to hold the “tension” of Paradox (two true/false statements at the same time) – is the hallmark of expanded perception.

Individual responsibility. Preparedness. How long does it take to ‘birth‘ a new form of Consciousness? Feminine Consciousness is nothing less than “Fierce Compassion” and that means – “if/when I fall into judging another – I catch myself and RISE UP again.”

Lots of folks are about to get more spiritual over the next month!

Collective Gasp Ahead! What will it take to get the Earth’s Collective Soul attention? The changing of the guard is upon us. The next generation is stepping up. The death of “Quid Pro Quo.” Can you imagine a time when people will be kind to others – without expecting something in return? That would be something!

Pay attention this week – because what we SEEout-there‘ is a MIRROR for what’s going on INSIDE ME. Everything we see in another is “my” Blind Spot – it’s what I cannot see in myself. And we’ve all got plenty to spare.

The “fringe” is going to take a sharp LEFT – or – a sharp RIGHT. Stay Neutral. Steady. Independent Interdependence! Every storm runs out of rain — eventually. No one knows what’s best for Self – other than Self. Trust yourself above all others. Be your own Guru.

Be a good “Noticer” this week – that’s all that’s required. If you find yourself thinking – “it feels like the 70’s” – the answer is YES – it does. We keep traveling in a circle of very long cycles that we have no conscious memory of. Those alive in the 70’s remember extreme inflation – long gas lines and the end of the Vietnam “Conflict.” It’s the Magic of Chiron – the bridge between Matter and Consciousness. Remembrance for the Old Guard stepping down!

It’s about learning “interdependence.Everything is connected. Everyone is Everything. Think Counter-intuitive. Unbroken Wholeness is approaching Humanity. Don’t worry – you’ll notice it – see it – experience it. Nature watches. Until it’s TIME. Take your luggage – leave your BAGGAGE! It’s unnecessary.

Courage is Rising. Inspiration awaits recognition. We’re coming into BALANCE. We are each other – and it takes time to recognize HOW we are Inter-connected. Those at the bottom of the food chain and those with their 3rd-Eye wide open understand. Less is more! The New Moon arrives April 1st – April Fool’s Day (March 31st for some time zones).

Re-Genesis. Regeneration.

Will you answer the Call? Take it one day at a time. Anticipation grows. We are part of something so much bigger than any one person – one race – one religion – one gender – one nationality. And lest we forget – on Spaceship Earth – there’s one race – one face – HUMAN! All is well. ❤

Here’s a picture of Humanity for perspective – CLICK HERE!

2 thoughts on “2022 – (re)Genesis

  1. “An object attracts us”…
    Fantastic post and info link!!
    Your post was the second time today that those exact words were presented to me…
    Now…I sat down 30 minutes ago to have a bit of nutrition..and I turned on Discovery + to stream the newest episode of Ghost Adventures…Pacific Grove Nightmare…ok..Zak went into this doll shop..I know..I know…DOLLS..anyway..the man he interviewed said almost immediately..
    “Objects attract us”…seriously…3 times in one day…that exact sentence….
    The first time was when I was at Safeway this morning and the gal bagging my groceries…said
    Objects attract us and we create a complete story around them, have you noticed this lately?
    It was a very multi dimensional experience…then I come home and put up my groceries that were way too expensive..seriously…and I sat down to read my emails and BAM….The first …THE FIRST SENTENCE of your post. Exact same words…then just now…on the beginning of Ghost Adventures…
    Oh indeed…I received this message deeply and completely…
    I have been feeling the bridging of the Jupiter Neptune Conjunction in Pisces..and being a Pisces Being..Pisces Sun..March 4th…* the connection has expanded and deepened within me…
    Well…having another hand surgery..guess when???!!!April 12th!!this one is on my right hand some strange bubble has appeared and is filled with blood..
    The first surgery was on my left hand ring finger..tendon trigger surgery..guess when???!! January 18th..yep during the beginning of Merc Retro…my gosh….
    But I digress…
    I just had to stop in and share that big message for today…
    Hope all is well in your world dear friend…
    It’s a kind of magic!!! And indeed a beautiful adventure…
    Love and Abundant Blessings always


    1. WOW! And a belated HBD Ms. Deb! I love when this happens. Thank you for sharing this. It would seem that you are “tuned in” to the Magic! Life has a way of working on us. You are loved…Just keep on being yourself. You Rock! ❤

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