2021 – Irreverent Spirits

The group of Crevalle Jack reflect the sunshine as they move together in the heart shape before morphing into a swirling ring. Local restaurant Owner Paul Dabill, 47, spotted the fish while flying his DJI Mavic Air 2 drone in Palm Beach County, Florida, USA.

I am one with the universe.  The universe and my self are one mind.  We are each other.”  

November begins at the end of OctoberGrieving always brings change.  Speak less.  Listen more.  Check agendas.  Personal and “others-wise.”  The ‘steam-engine’ of progress gains momentum.  As my grandma used to say – “sometimes it all has to fall apart – so it can fall back together.”  Realign.  Restore.  Recalibrate.  Rehabituate. 

In the North – we’re descending into darkness of Winter Solstice.  In the South – we’re experiencing ascension into the light of Summer Solstice.  Halloween’s “treats and tricks” mark the halfway point between seasons.  Expansion is in the “air.”  Humans experience ‘seasonal change’ every year – same time – same place.  

I am one with the universe.  The universe and my self are one mind.  We are each other.”  

With all the madness and mayhem “out there” – (you know) – doing the same thing over and over – expecting a different outcome?  Perhaps Einstein was onto something when he said – “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking used to create them.”  What kind of “thinking” is needed?  Perhaps we need to be asking different questions – Irreverent Spirits!  

Am I thinking thoughts – OR – are thoughts thinking me?

Unconscious thought creates subjective reality.  We each have our own personal “home-movie” – our “personal story” we tell ourselves and live out-loud for others to witness.  Hmmm.  That’s interesting.  Is it time to rewrite the script?  It’s a Paradox!  Over the past few weeks we’ve been gathering “puzzle pieces” that don’t look like they fit “my puzzle.”  

“I am one with the universe.  The universe and my self are one mind.  We are each other.”

Irreverent Spirits Gathering.  Critical Mass – a size – number – or amount large enough to produce a particular result.  We’re there!  The Heart and Head speak different languages though!  Circular.  Instantaneous.  Timeless.  What’s the ‘thing’ that you tell yourself – “I wanna’ go back and do it all over – but I can’t back – I know.”  

The way “I feel now” is likely going to be very different in one month – more different by 2022. You’re going to surprise yourself! Major integration is now underway. Does it feel like you’re climbing a mountain?

Kindness Cures!  

Think back 2 years ago – October 2019!  Covid wasn’t even on our radar.  We don’t know what we don’t know – do we?  Think back to October 2020 – what did you ‘lay down’ on the Tombstone of your past?  What no longer mattered and what were you no longer willing to tolerate?   You made it!

I am one with the universe.  The universe and my self are one mind.  We are each other.”  

Might makes right” doesn’t always work out.  Ever noticed those who win an argument/battle to appease their ego usually – lose something in the exchange?  Those who “bully” others usually get their ‘comeuppance’ too.  Patience now.  Sometimes the battle can be won – just to lose the war.  And why do we have this thing about “winning and losing?”  That’s an ego-thing.  Perhaps the lesson that’s been learned is simply to “honor my choices and stand up for myself.”  

Over the next few weeks – look for a Hidden Prophecy to be revealed.  Sometimes we have to go through “some stuff” and only later do we see the real value/lesson/understanding that’s been gained.  Expect new ideas/inspiration – and it’s important to remember that the Soul has a schedule TOO – that ego is rarely aware of. ~~sigh~~

I am one with the universe.  The universe and my self are one mind.  We are each other.”  

Priorities are changing – many wouldn’t get a vaccination to protect themselves or others – but they finally get it when it affects their income.  Pluto is an Alchemist and the first-ever US Pluto Return occurs in February 2022.  We can CLEARLY see the effects as institutions are showing the “signs” of aging.  

Much like our infrastructure – there are cracks.  The difference between Covid and the 1918 pandemic is the internet.  They fought about wearing masks a hundred years ago too.  We truly live in a cycle of circles.  

Humanity is being re-routed to get us to ‘come around’ to the “Long-Game-Mindset.”  It’s a complete reversal to the old “Toxic” way of life we’re used to.   

I am one with the universe.  The universe and my self are one mind.  We are each other.” 

You and me?  We’re BOTH Saints AND SinnersWe are each other!  If there’s a relationship issue pressing on you (male or female) try KindnessIt Cures.  Here’s an interesting take on an old relationship paradigm – previously known as “Adam and Eve.”  Click Here – It’s 20 minutes but well worth watching.  A Rabbi offers up great storytelling on several levels. Ladies – if you’re not being “valued” – it’s OK to walk away. Gentlemen – it offers a different perspective to be considered.

Be grateful!  Name 5 things you’re thankful for everyday.  Repeat everyday. Volunteer if you can and are able.  Focusing on others helps.  Move your body.  Get out in Nature – it’s the best opportunity to witness “beauty in death.”  Mother Nature is such a ‘show-off.’  

The long process of elimination.  2020 – 2022 is a 3-year transition to prepare us to recognize a new form of Consciousness being birthed in 2023.  Think Feminine EnergyGrandmother – Mother – Wife – Sister – Daughter.  We’re not talking about “Toxic Feminine” energy that enables “Toxic Masculine.

I am one with the universe.  The universe and my self are one mind.  We are each other.”    

Feminine Energyreflects” the light of everything around it.  It takes a Village.  Community.  Caring and Sharing.  Not because we want to gain power on the “backside – so you’ll owe me” – but simply because women understand about Collective Caring.  It’s One Face – One Race – HumanWe are each other

Time – good/bad – right/wrong are ALL Man-Made constructs to assist in “wealth-creation” for those deemed worthy.  Every human breathing on Starship Earth is WORTHY.  Don’t ever forget it.  We’re entering the Eclipse Window in November-DecemberExpect disruption.  Expect change.  The Universe runs on an algorithm we cannot imagine – but WE-ARE participating in the creation-process.

I am one with the universe.  The universe and my self are one mind.  We are each other.”  

Start focusing on where you want to be – who you want to be – what you want to be in 2022.  And if you’re unsure – ask different questionsWhy are there NO flashlights that shine on themselvesBe an Irreverent Spirit!

Trust yourself.  Be your own Guru.  Listen to your Intuition.  Allow your imagination freedom to ask different questions.  Want to connect?  I can be reached here – let’s talk!  You are loved more than you will ever know!  All is well. ❤

I am one with the universe. The universe and my self are one mind. We are each other.”

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