2021 – Bewitched as the world turns

What is that ‘thing’ you love yourself for the most?  

Credit: Vitaly Golovatyuk – “Lost in the Woods”

What’s the difference between a Conspiracy Theorist and an Astrologer? We are each other.  Both seek to find the “meaning” of their “reality” when it appears to change.  We each believe we see “reality” objectively.  That is not possible because “reality” is based on “my point of view” – which is “subjective.”  What we seek is the “Uncaused Cause.”  

Time never forgets a moment.  It simply waits for another moment – in the future – to reactivate the moment and memory.  Replace faulty with functional.  When our interests and focus change – it’s not because we have somehow failed.  It simply means the interest or focus is no longer an energetic match.  Humans often confuse the ‘energetic change’ with failure.  Not so.  

What is the thing you love yourself for most?

Seasonal change arrives with Autumn in the North and Spring in the South – Equinox.  Half day.  Half night.  Reset.  Nature’s wheel turns naturally.  Natural born.  Natural living.  Expect to notice some old unconscious emotions rising up this week under the light of the Full Moon.  Left unchecked – they gain in strength.  If people want to be deceived – let them be deceived.  We each get to choose our own personal “Home-Movie-Title.”  We ARE each other!

Full Moon – Harvest MoonHow wealthy would you be – if ‘adversity’ was recognized as currency?  It’s not ‘personal truth’ – rather Impersonal Truth that is slowly being revealed.  It’s “the light” getting turned on.  Expect a dramatic ending.  All across the world the Toxic Masculine is trying to roll back the hands of time to what IT perceives is the “right way.”  Did “daddy” really know best?  Or was it a Cultural Agreement to allow “daddy” to tell us the difference between ‘right and wrong?’  We ARE each other!

A Full Moon always brings recognition of a decision that usually feels like it’s “forced.”  Expect Lucidity!

When did you discover you loved something about yourself?

Think back to the New Moon March 13th – what “pilgrimage” did you begin?  Seeds planted.    Are you happy with your results but in need of a little rest – or – is a course correction needed?  Remember – not being an energetic match is NOT failure.  It’s merely a ‘change of frequency.’  Just like changing radio stations.  If you want a “song” to match the Full Moon – listen here. We’re all travelers – keep that in mind!  We ARE each other!

September 27th –  Mercury Retrograde!  It’s a ‘natural phenomenon’ observed ONLY on Starship Earth.  It’s an illusion – because ‘point of view’ is “my point of view.”  What’s the physical difference of experience between a ‘photon’ traveling at the speed of Light and humans on Earth traveling over 66,000 MPH – around the Sun?  Not muchNeither experience movement.  We’re all ‘standing still.’  From “human perspective.”  The best part about Mercury Rx is we get ‘another chance.’  It’s time to pick up the storyline of our personal and transpersonal “Home Movies” from May/June 2021.  We ARE each other!

Let’s call it ‘The Neverending Story.’  Somewhere we got ahead of ourselves and we have to revisit the past to make correctionsMinds are going to be changed.  And since the “Mind” is running the “projector” on “my personal Home Movie” – that means new information arrives via ‘Other’ to be reconsidered – especially in relationships.  Think back to what was happening around June 10th – for clues about what may be changing “in my Mind.”  Who did you file a complaint with – or – was there a grievance?  We ARE each other!

What is that ‘thing’ you love yourself for the most?  

Congratulations – you have ‘fresh’ approval odds!  Be a good Noticer – especially if/when getting triggered by others.  Any obstacles and/or inconvenient obstruction are simply an opportunity to confront Inner Deception.  The trick is to find that thing you LOVE most about yourself!  No shame – no blame – no guilt – no regret (these are negative projections) – let them BEFinding what you love about yourself allows courage to rise up for constructive purposes. Start with Self and work outward.  We ARE each other!

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place – but nothing ever grows there.” ~Unknown

Remember – this is a Long Game we’re playing and the Universe has Eternity.  Like a Tangerine Dream in Underwater Twilight.  We’re traveling at the ‘speed of Nature’ – NOT human ‘expectation.‘  We are each in charge of our own Home Movie we project – our mode of transportation – which map we follow – our personal speed limit and travel companionsNature moves in Mysterious ways and Life is Elegant.  If you confused about “where I am” – then contact me here – let’s talk!  Isn’t it Ironic? We ARE each other! All is well.  ❤

What is that ‘thing’ you love yourself for the most?  




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