2021 – The Long Game

I am one with my soul.  My soul and my self are one mind.”

Credit: Christian Busch

September begins at the end of August!  If you’re reading this – you’re here on Earth for “The Long Game.”  There’s a reason and a purpose for our presence.  Right here.  Right now.  Humans are approaching a “different normal.”  We are ‘each other.

Native Americans called it “Great Mystery.”  In the East – it’s called “Dragon Power.”  In the West – it’s called “the Hand of God.”  No matter what we decide to call “IT” – humans are aware of a “Force” that can disrupt human lifetimes.

If it’s not evident yet – it will be over the next 18 months – that 20th Century solutions are probably not going to work that well in the 21st Century.  New skills needed in the 21st Century are Grit – Adaptability – Listening – Empathy – Self-Compassion – Kindness.

Heaven is trying to reach EarthWe keep ignoring Nature too.  We live in a Mythic Reality in the West.  The “good-ole-boy-pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps-rugged-individualism” is quickly becoming outdated.  

We’re all traveling through an “accelerated-learning-program.”  Let’s call it “Life in the Digital Age.”  The Old-Model says – if there’s a beginning – there must be an ending.  Probably not.  There is only change – transformation – evolution.  Don’t believe me – ask an Economist – they understand the same cycles as Astrologers.  Ain’t that something?

The Great Divide – The Big Separation is right on time.  How can that “Force” make humans work together?  One word – SURVIVAL.  The big surprise awaiting humans is that “we are each other.

Humans love certainty.  It provides a sense of order and routine that we can bring something to fruition.  That makes sense.  But what happens when the “unexpected and unforeseen” show up to disrupt our daily life?  It means a “change” is “headed our way.

Gifts often arrive dressed up as “challenge.”  We don’t know what we don’t know – do we?  Nope – we don’t!

The battle facing humanity is not religious based – nor gender based – race based (although ALL are affected) – but rather the battle between “Wall St. and Main St.”  Who will dictate HOW wealth is distributed?

It’s a ‘grassroots movement’ from the bottom up and will take about 20 years to complete and set the tone for the next 250 years.  The focus is on economic recovery – for now.  Sadly.  We relegated “Mental Health” as a non-priority – until COVID.  We’re changing our “Minds.”

Remember – we’re playing “The Long Game.  That’s a whole new Mindset we’re learning (quickly) to get get used to – as the “consume now – pay later” Mindset is slowly being overridden.  There are almost 8 billion people on this planet.  That’s almost 8 billion different points of view.  That’s almost 8 billion “personal Movies” being projected on one another.

Not sure about that statement.  Then think about all those “bat-sh*t-stupid” people “out there.”  What group came to mind for you?  That’s a projection – from one of almost 8 billion ‘home-Movies‘ currently running on Earth.  The only way we can recognize a quality in another is because it already exists inside “me” and “I” cannot “see myself.”  SEE?  It’s called Bias and there are many running rampant “out there.”  We are EACH OTHERDon’t forget – we’re all playing The Long Game.

I am one with my soul. My soul and my self are one mind.

September is “Back-to-School” – Summer’s Harvest – and another “turning of the wheel” during Autumn Equinox – balance.  The New Moon on the 6th/7th brings a decision about the status-quo and values in our relationships (including our relationship with our finances).  September 14th brings a defining “line in the sand” as we face shadows of self-deceitSeptember 22nd – expect some of that “Serendipity” to reappear all of a sudden from the last week of AprilSeptember 25th – Is it “Great Mystery – Dragon Power – Hand of God?” 

It’s time to tie up loose ends and re-evaluate how “I” want to participate with others?  Transitioning from “me-me-me” into “we-we-we” is going to take some time.  Let’s all be PATIENT!  Get clear about what “I” want to create for my future.  Spread Kindness!

I am one with my soul. My soul and my self are one mind.

Life is best lived one-step-at-a-time – and some days it’s 2 steps forward – one step backward.  Unconsciously – we recognize the end of the year is quickly approaching.  Basics – just the essentials.  What do I need to “unload – get rid of – deconstruct in my life before year’s end?”  Where do “I” want to be on January 1, 2022

Expect inspiration when least expected.  Be open to unknown and uncontemplated paths and doors opening. BE YOUR OWN GURUKnowledge is NOT wisdom.  Information is NOT knowledge.  Connect the dots this month!  Look for the odd and unusual.  Refine priorities.  And if you’re unsure of your place and position in The Long Gameclick here to contact me.  Let’s talk! All is well!

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