2021 – When History and Destiny Collide

“Antipode – (n) – the direct opposite of something else.”

Credit: Antopode.org

Once in a “Blue Moon.” Which comes first – the lesson or the experience? Fear is a “symptom” – not a problem. What do you call 2 New or Full Moons in the same sign? Answer: “Cosmic Doorway” – where History and Destiny collide. A ‘door’ opens July 23rd/24th with the Full Moon @ 1 Aquarius and closes August 22nd @ 29 Aquarius.

Welcome to the Chaosmos!

Chaosmos (coined by James Joyce – 1922) represents the paradox of ‘chaos and order‘ – think “unknown unknowns.” Much like the paradox of light and dark – light cannot exist without dark. No one alive KNOWS what they DON’T KNOW — yet! It’s like being the Producer – Director – Set Designer – Star of your own personal movie. Self-created – in the Head!

We are all just ‘passing through‘ and all Time Travelers. Think back to January 20, 2015 and February 18, 2015 – that’s when there was a New Moon @ 0 Aquarius and @ 29 Aquarius.

Unknowns are revealed. Take away a person’s secrets – honesty is revealed. What are you wanting and waiting for? The same thing as 2015? New Moons are a time of “seeding” while Full Moons bring completion and illumination.

Our name is our energetic signature that we share with everyone with the same name. Go “google” your name and count how many different versions of yourself there are – and let’s call it Quantum Entanglement. There are many versions of “Self” – same name – different selves. Are you the same as you were in 2015?

We can be together and different at the same time. Please embrace personal ignorance – it’s about to “jet propel” us individually together! That’s a paradox too! Mastering TRUST equals ‘lack of fear.Choice creates direction!

The question is “what am I afraid of – death OR life?” Only the ego will ask a question like that. The Soul is Boundless and trying to get Ego’s attention. Since 2015 much has changed. Soul NEEDS Ego as the vehicle for evolution. It’s the most important relationship we will ever have – “with my Self.”

Risk Consciousness” rises when conditions of uncertainty and the perception of powerlessness increase.

Dynamic risk is brought on by sudden and unpredictable changes.

Pure risk is a category of risk that cannot be controlled and has two outcomes: complete loss or no loss at all

External risks are those that happen naturally and cannot be avoided as they are a part of Nature – while manufactured risks are risks that are a product of human behavior.

What are you saying/speaking and NOT being heard?

What if you were to discover that ‘judging others‘ is a way Ego defines itself? Most humans need an external to define Ego-Self. That is no longer necessary.

Our personal Chaosmos is our own personal “home movie” we replay on a ‘loop.’ We are each the producer – director – set designer – and SHINING STAR (as we’ll see at the August 8th New Moon @ 16 Leo). Shine On! Expect the Unexpected. Expect to be surprised. Expect to witness History. Expect Awe. Expect change.

The bigger question (if unsatisfied with current life situation) is “why is this in my Movie?” (Thanks Dee) Chances are good those seeds from 2015 are being brought to the surface for peaceful resolution over the next 4 weeks. This is “old stuff” and the person who shows up in the “movie-version” of life is a shadow from the past.

The moment the “movie-version” is recognized – energy and perception shifts.

Healing begins with forgiveness of Self and others. When we know better we make different choices. Why allow others to “suck up” all your oxygen?

There’s a caveat pre-1900 – knowledge doubled itself every 100 years. With the advent of the internet (IoT) – we’re currently doubling knowledge (information) once every 12 hours. With everyone adding content exponentially – the brain is overstimulated. Which creates extreme anxiety. Which requires space outside the body to be contained. Turn down the volume on external noise please.

We are each in charge of what we “allow” in our headspace. There’s something new and different trying to “come through the open door.” It’s not in the head – but rather coming from the Heart. It’s feminine in nature and will use “tough-love” to get our attention. It’s Inner-Truth-Guidance. Get comfortable with ambiguity!

Anyone who has parented a teen understands the need to set boundaries and give them some ‘rope’ to see how they respond/react and just how far they’ll go. Can I TRUST myself?

Make a list of choices to be made. Prioritize the list. Try something radical – whether through prayer – meditation – or just having a conversation with yourself (there’s no right or wrong way) – ask Future-Self to get to work on setting up the future and then set it aside. Trust. Have faith. With the Sun in Leo – courage from the Heart arrives right on time. But remember – it’s a 2-way street between Ego and Soul. How far do you want to go and how much are you willing to risk?

Which comes first – the lesson or the experience?

Welcome to the Future! Innovation. Necessity is the “Mother of Invention.” What is NOW necessary? Alone – a person will survive – but together WE ALL THRIVE! Be yourself and trust yourself above all others. Everyone is learning. If you were to re-name your Movie – what would it be called? Soul-Tendering! All is well! ❤

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