2021 – Pressure Change – Raise the Bar

I saw that.” ~Karma

Credit: Roger Hill Photography (Spaceweather.comMothership Supercell Storm

We’re here! Post Covid – nothing’s changed – but it ain’t the same. Too much has happened. 2020 delivered physical distancing – while 2021 has delivered “Social Distance.” To seriously consider that life will get back to normal would mean the last 14 months didn’t happen.

But it did.

The “masses” have reprioritized life. Habits changed. We decided what we truly need and what’s truly not important. Stability is created one day at a time. Humans will adjust – we always do. Proactive – not Reactive.

Humans want something to believe in. Some call it the “great awakening” – some call it “the reset” – some call it the “renaissance” – some call it the “Big Lie” – no matter what you call ‘IT‘ – it’s time for something new to emerge THE RECOVERY.

Self-distraction is quickly coming to an end. The pressure is to great NOT to change. For some it’s ‘self-evident‘ – while others have toyed with the hope that it would all be the same. Privacy on the Internet is like having a picnic in a public park. Facebook on your phone? They know what time you take your “morning poop.”

Bubbles Pop!

It’s called “dancing with my Shadow.” Without pausing for reflection – the pressure will increase. Without inner change external pain increases. Under pressure!

The shadow cannot be seen – but – its effects are clearly visible. The ‘can’ we’ve been kicking down the road – for so long – is gone. Shadow picked it up and tossed it out.

The only way the long-shadow of Evil can be seen is if it already exists inside “Self.” It looks like a “Hot Mess” out there. There is order in the chaos and just like a powerful storm – eventually it runs out of rain.

Raising Self’s Bar!

Women are being asked to “Rise Up.But how? Start paying attention to how you speak to men and how you speak to women. Notice words used in conversations. Are they the same or different? Notice the tone of voice used. Notice inflection used. It’s so ingrained – so few are aware.

Why do men assume they are entitled to assume control when there’s a Crisis? Because society reinforces it. Why do people with vaginas allow it? Because it’s a learned behavior. Ladies – it’s time to “raise the bar.The Soul is a Force.

Our old Toxic Masculine Patriarch (dog-eat-dog-world) and his equally Toxic Feminine Patriarch (scarcity/fear) are being revealed. White males make up 30% of the population in America and make up 62% of Washington’s elected “public servants.Something is out of balance. What happened to fair representation?

When women stop feeding male egos – life will begin to look different. “Men don’t know what to do – how to act – or how long this is going to go on” (said a male client recently). No one has the answer – because we’re literally Re-Creating it.

Anxiety is created when – “what I believe to be true” is revealed NOT to be true. It creates doubt and loss of faith. So – where does one put that anxiety that cannot be contained in the body? Usually a theory that doesn’t require self-reflection – self-correction or accountability.

Here’s a ‘wild theory.” Can you imagine what it would look like if America was truly a Democracy? “We the People” would be voting without representation. Watch ‘block-chain-technology.’ Some day we may be voting on laws – bills – people from our phones. America is changing. The old guard is dying off – leaving a void for the Youth to construct different options for addressing planetary needs.

Yes – we’re all Travelers on Mothership Earth!

The US has had 247 mass shootings in 2021 killing 238 and injuring 1002 people. We have a Mental Health Crisis here in the US. Mental Health and Spirituality are beginning to merge. Science and Spirituality have much more in common than we’ve been lead to believe. What the Shaman calls “MAGIC” – science calls “Quantum Physics.” And magic exists everywhere in the Universe!

Take the long view – big picture. What’s best for everyone? Each of us is a little piece of a great mosaic and ALL voices are needed – especially the disenfranchised – dismissed – forgotten – discarded members of our Society. Financial wealth nor lack of it is a measure of “character.

When someone says, “that’s the way it is” – the first question should be – “says who?

The trick to getting through the madness and rising above it is paying attention to our own thoughts.

When fear – anxiety and angst appear – step back and speak about yourself in 3rd person. “What is (insert your name here) __________ really afraid of?” Wait for the answer. Keep asking until you arrive at the Core Fear/Belief.

God is REAL – but it’s NOT a man-made-projection that is coming to save ‘me.‘ We Are in ‘relationship’ with Creator-Source-Intelligence 24/7 – whether we’re aware or not. When a human body takes its last breath – the Soul leaves 3D with nothing but “my consciousness.” That’s it.

Try compassion be generous with it – but understand – it is “fierce” in the Love that feeds it. It’s unyielding. It’s uncompromising. Seasonal change ahead. Summer Solstice. Another turning of the wheel. Take a hint from Mother Nature as the Summer heats us up. Cool down.

Start small – one easy to change habit – like stop gossiping. Small victories create BIG victories. The only battle we fight is with Self. Each human is responsible for their own “Shadow.” Everyone has a secret fear. It’s that thing we ignore the most.

Deep down inside each of us – the ego remembers – it’s purpose is to surrender to the Soul’s Evolution. Ego is the vehicle for Soul-Creation. No one taught us that!

Be yourself. Trust yourself. The moment you notice fear/anger creeping up – stop and ask where it’s coming from? It can take up to 50 years to heal an old-old wound. We’re healing from 1972 this Summer. Karma is experiencing ALL SIDES of a situation. It’s NOT a Bitch!

What we’re witnessing here in America is our very first Pluto Return. It’s been 246 years in the making! We’re “Newbies.” Pluto transforms anything it touches. It’s transforming our institutions – the status quo – and Toxic Masculine/Feminine energy.

Welcome to the New Beginning – the RECOVERY! Peace is a process. Expect intensity this weekend. You are loved so much more than you realize and if you’re reading this – you were born for this time! You Rock. All is well!

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