2021 – Drawing a Line in the Sand

“If solutions within the system are so impossible to find, the maybe we should change the system itself.”  ~Greta Thunberg

When watching a flag blow in the wind – is it really the flag blowing – or is it the wind that’s moving?  The personality is formed in such a way – to believe ‘reality’ is a particular way – it’s relative.  The Mind is a ‘movie-projector‘ and everything that happens “to me” is “my mental projection.” 

We each assign value to what “I experience.”  Nothing can be accomplished until the MIND is movedSoul/Spirit provides the inspiration to “make the Mind move.”  Will provides the “muscle” to carry out actions needed to create “what has been moved in the Mind.” 

There’s only one question to ask when encountering Bullies. “Why would you assume you are entitled to tell me what to think – do – or be?” When meeting a ‘brick wall’ of a stubborn Mind – pause – look left – right – up – down. Walk around that wall – it’s allowed. Step back – turn the Mental Projector off. See the picture – not the movie. It’s OK to disengage!

We each believe “my reality” is the ultimate realityNot so.  Each reality is a ‘relative truth.’  There are 7+ billion people – that’s 7+ billion different realities.  The Mind receives the data – Soul/Spirit inspires – Will takes action.  What data is being received?  What inspires you?  What action needs to be takenIt’s a personal choice.  Please BE KIND.  Be the “change” you want to see in the world. Think for yourself – question everything. Trust yourself above all others.  All is well! ❤

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