2021 – Steps 120 – 124: Invoking the Impossible

“Your smaller self is never ready to be more. Your higher self is already more. Your fear is the only bridge between the two. Cross it.” ~Andrea Balt

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on Pexels.com

Is it possible to rewrite the Language of Impossibility? Karma gets a ‘bad rap‘ sometimes – mostly because it’s misunderstood. Is Karma really a “Bitch?” Why don’t we ever call Karma a “bastard?” What if it was simply misunderstood? What if Karma really means – “experiencing life from ALL sides?What if?

The Changing of the Age is upon us and Humanity is going to start an “engine” this month that will take until April 2022 to gain momentum. It’ll be the first time Jupiter and Neptune have been back together in Pisces since 1856.

If you’re birthday is around March 13th – June 13th – September 13th or December 13th you’ll be especially affected in April 2022. Everyone will feel the effects in some form or fashion.

We all get a taste of “things to come” between May 13th and July 27th – when Jupiter enters Pisces. Is it possible to “Rewrite the Law of Impossibility?” Pay attention as the effects of Covid-Exhaustion – Opioid Crisis – abuse trauma – PST (many more) are taking a toll on humans.

It’s called a “Mental Health Crisis.” What IF Mental Health and Spirituality started merging? What would that look like and how would it work? We’ll find out in 2022. Be generous with Kindness – spread it everywhere!

Everyone knows someone who’s experienced or is dealing with Mental Health issues. Between now and May 13th – a healthy dose of Introspection can bring “remembrance.

A Decade ago. Think back to 2010 – remember? Life is generous – if we miss a lesson – it’ll come back around – until we “get it.” It’s not enough to have book-smarts – we’re talking about the full-blown-body-integration-experience of Knowledge.

How many times in life has someone “let me down” or caused disappointment? It happens everyday. What caused the “disappointment?” Was it because an agreement that was not fulfilled? Or was it because of an unexpressed expectation (projection) that wasn’t met?

Raise your eyebrows if you’ve been let down by life or another?

Over the next few days watch for anger. Anger breeds delusion. And once a person crosses the line of “delusion” – all bets are off. People will take bigger – riskier chances because the ego has not gotten what it wants/expected/projected.

Do you have a memory in time of life when you said to yourself – “this hurts and I would never treat anyone like this?” Some – not all – will recognize their “moment.” Not everyone will get “their moment” right now. Patience.

To rewrite the “Law/Language of Impossibility” and experience Karma – respond to other the way you wish you’d been treated. It can bring a blessing and BIG healing. In the coming days – some will experience it as “sadness – loss – loneliness – grief.” Especially Monday – Tuesday.

De-Escalate! Step back. Many do not know how to handle their anger – or take responsibility for their actions. It’s all been building for months. Imaginary Perfect is a “figment of my imagination.” Ask inside – “am I assuming I am not ready or worthy?

There is NO perfect situation – opportunity – time – person – relationship. Live today to the best of your ability. Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed. LIFE IS FRAGILE, folks!

Please TRUST yourself!

Those who have studied metaphysics – it’s all going to start making sense in the coming days – if it doesn’t already. No one is “going back to normal” – we’re “creating a different normal – it’s emerging.” Life is lop-sided right now. It will balance back out. Take responsibility for Self. Parent Self like you wish your parents would’ve parented you.

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Minds work best when OPEN. Listen to the Heart Intelligence. Listen to the messages the body is sending Command Central. No one has it all figured out – contrary to what they say. Media scrutiny is going to start peaking. Who has the “right” to decide “my rights?” There is only One Race on this planet – HUMAN. Until we’re ALL equal – no one can be free. remember that this week! And one more thing – we are each FREE to keep choosing again and again. There’s a New Beginning ahead. All is well!

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