2021 – Steps 69 – 71: Shattering Glass Ceilings

Cautious, careful people, always casting about to preserve their reputations can never effect a reform.” ~Susan B. Anthony

Seasonal change ahead. What happened to Civic Responsibility – is it hiding or did it just disappear? Yes – humans are “overzoomed” and some are suffering from “Coronaangst.” Progress is slowly revealing a different direction as we regenerate from the ‘bottom up.’ Re-Creation.

The Witching Hour approaches. In the not-to-distant future – we will no longer hear about the “first woman – the first African-American (male or female) – the first Hispanic (male or female) – or the first Asian-American (male or female)” doing something. It probably won’t be in my lifetime – perhaps my daughters or grand-daughters lifetimes – but it will arrive. Eventually.

Public declarations mean nothing – action is what counts now.

Between the New Moon on March 13th – and the coming Sun-Venus meeting on March 26th – inspiration arrives from our Real Self – not ‘little-ego-self.‘ Attraction is magnetic resonance. Relationships are realigning as we set the tone for the next 5 years. Feminine energy is rising. It takes great courage to ‘speak the truth.’

Opinions are like ‘body parts’ – we all have them. For those ready – it’s time to heal codependency. Women – in particular – struggle to put their needs first – saying “YES” when saying NO is ‘better‘ for our physical – mental – spiritual health. Listen to your body – what’s it saying? Ask it – “are you OK body?” Listen for the answer.

The dominant digital platforms are now among the world’s most valuable and powerful companies. Their clout forces a massive number of organizations to play by their rules or lose access to the marketplaces they control. The changes will be more noticeable in April – or – Autumn.

Just like in Nature – all ‘living systems’ on this planet are rearranging themselves – especially Humans. Self-Organizing. Bubbles start popping this weekend. Anything that appears to be ‘falling apart‘ is part of the systems rearranging. It’s neither positive nor negative – it’s “ripe” for change. Nothing bad is happening. We’re about to start breaking some ‘glass ceilings‘ that are long overdue to be shattered.

Order versus Chaos?

Trust the process. We’ve each had our fair share of pain and shame. The difference now is we no longer feed off our “self-hatred.Trust makes us living-breathing-Magnets of change! We are each literally pulling the future ‘back to Self.’ Yes – the future sneaks up on us from behind.

Expect synchronicity. Expect some “woo-woo.” Expect a new vision or path to appear. Get quiet with Self and listen. Humans have a habit of looking at “the signs” and projecting what they believe it all means. Think of it as “bread crumbs” and the whole picture is yet to be revealed. Trust yourself above ALL others. Those who try to bully or manipulate others are scared of the uncertainty and unknown.

Choices made this week – are based on “where I was in December and where I want to be in June.Adjust as needed. “I am ___________” is little-ego-self speaking. Be aware. Come back to ‘core values’ and be open to see “where it’s all going.” Nothing is carved in stone. Ride the waves of ups and downs. We’re each morphing. Be a good Noticer – we are each shattering the boundaries of self-made-ceilings. Be Boundless (that’s our Real-Self). Trust – surrender – flow – repeat. All is well!

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