2021 – Step 50 – 54: Data Dump

“To imagine the unimaginable is the highest use of the imagination.”– Cynthia Ozick (an American short story writer, novelist, and essayist)

Credit: John Krauss – “Twin Starships”Enjoy the RIDE!

Privilege is rarely easy to let go ofwhen the future is unknown and uncertain. Until learning is fully integrated – through ‘personal experience’wisdom struggles to rise from the ashes. It’s simply child’s play. Self-ignorance is a ‘joy-killer.

What a difference a year makes!

March 2020 delivered a message from “God Herself” – that said – “come – let’s sit a spell and look deep inside at the story you tell yourself – about yourself.” Looking back to the beginning of the Coronavirus changes – the question that looms is – “how different am I – in thoughts/beliefs /actions – compared to March 2020?Never compare self to other. That’s a ‘fool’s game.’

How many self-created-artificial-bubbles have popped?

Before healing division within a culture – healing division within Self and self is the necessary ‘first step.Humans CANNOT stop evolution. Sometimes we have to ‘fall flat on our ‘face‘ to encourage us to change. Those who consider themselves ‘awakened’ – expect deeper awakening. Those who consider themselves ‘woke‘ – expect more ‘wokefulness.‘ Those who fear irrelevance will hold on tighter – through reactive resistance to innovation and change. Expect acceleration either way!

Here comes the Data Dump – with new information this week (truth – lies – distortions) that must be sifted through. Observe HOW information is shared (presentation and perspective)! The sky is not falling – but it’s changing. How are we still romanticizing past masculine His-story?

Expect to be surprised – at least once this weekall of a sudden and out of the blue. New information presents itself to help guide and restore faith-filled-connection with a Greater Power. Relationships are morphing – unbeknownst to ego. All the new information provides each of us with the opportunity to see the world with new eyes. Sometimes we need the the tension to ‘nudge/push/point‘ us into new territory.

How to recognize it? It’s not about what it is – but rather what it’s NOT. Unspoken! It’s not about possessing anything (including children {sorry – they’re only on loan to us} – nor home/car/jobs – lifestyles – relationships). Life is lived through the process of elimination! Learning is accrued through experience – that takes time.

We’re moving from the “Land of I-AM” into a “WE-ARE World.” Perspective and point-of-view are changing – personally and collectively. Life speeds up in March. Progress is on the agenda – “baby steps” but progress nonetheless. Ego is learning how to work with Self! Get ready – we’re going places! You are loved more than you will ever know! All is well! ❤

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