2021 – Step 44 – 46 – Plot Twist

In the book of life’s questions, the answers are not in the back.” ~Charles Schulz

Credit: http://anielasobieski.com/

Life is the ‘without-ending-story. There’s the beginning – the middle and then – the “Plot Twist.” The Plot Twist ensures the ‘story‘ continues. The dominant cycle we’re currently traveling started back in 1987-88 (Saturn conjunct Uranus @ 27 Sagittarius – 3 Capricorn). That fateful meeting initiated the beginning of “The Great Divide.” It was Nature’s signal to break away from our past. We’ll repeat the cycle again in 2032.

Patience. It takes time to ‘shed 2000 years of old skin.‘ Think about it – in 1988 how many people owned a personal computer? By the time they reached their farthest opposition in 2010 – the masses had a smartphone with more computing power than the computers used when Apollo landed on the Moon in 1969. That’s progress.

In 2021 – we are witnessing the impact Social Media/internet on our culture – through disinformation – conspiracy theories – and who really knows what’s true? Humanity’s “Covid-Trauma” has revealed dark shadows we find difficult to accept. Who reins in and ‘polices‘ big tech? Is it up to the government – or – are individuals responsible for their own ‘fact-checks?’

This year begins the closing of that cycle with 3 tense meetings between Saturn (taking responsibility) and Uranus (innovation). Even revolutions evolve. Expect serious Soul-searching this week. Watch – wait – observe. Shift into ‘neutral‘ as the edges of reality start bending. Pay close attention to what “I see” and ‘get out of the head-space‘ – what “IS” and what’s “seen” are rarely one and the same. It’s called an “attachment of expectation – aka – a projection.

This week (February 17th) brings to the surface the “issue” (personal and collective) that MUST be addressed. June 24th brings the solution with resolution finally arriving Christmas Eve 2021. Effort + perseverance + DIY-stick-to-it-veness is the key to progress. We are each in control of the ‘different normal’ we choose to create.

Kindness begets kindness. Be as KIND to yourself as you are to others. It makes a difference – raises your vibrations and increases connectivity with others. If possible – get out of/stay out of your own way. The Law of Allowance says it’s “OK to have positive things happen for me.” It’s not ‘rocket science‘ – it’s life. Radical thought for the week – what if our job is to ALLOW others to ‘serve me?

Repeat after me – “I am one with my Soul. My Soul and my self are one mind.

Let your conscience be your Guide – trust yourself above all others. All is well! ❤

“You can never make the same mistake twice because the second time you make it, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.” ­– Steven Denn

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