2021 – Steps 21-24: Compressed Evolution

Step out of the shade.” ~Amanda Gorman

American poet Amanda Gorman reads a poem during the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool)

Without a (re)action – humans can no longer be controlled. Clarity. Calm. Unity. Feet on the ground. Eye on the ball. Change is upon us and there is plenty to share and spare. Everyone is affected. Is it possible to ‘move on’ – ‘look to the future‘ without acknowledging Truth?

Pace yourself. Life is a marathon – not a sprint. Balance optimism and pragmatism. In order to ‘change my point of view/perception‘ about any situation – it is imperative to KNOW what I think/feel” about the situation. Anger – grief – sorrow has no perspective – it is “attached” to an outcome or object that is ‘desired.KNOW THYSELF! Why do we seek permanence in the impermanent?

Compressed Evolution!

“When a person dwells with the mind on sense objects, the person experiences attachment to them. From attachment springs desire, and from desire (if thwarted), comes anger. Anger clouds the judgment and gives rise to delusion; delusion causes loss of memory, one can no longer learn from the past mistakes; we lose the the power to choose between the wise and unwise, and this loss of discrimination leads to untold suffering.” ~Bhagavad Gita, 5:15

Before this month ends – each human will have an opportunity to address an anger – grief – sorrow WITHIN. We’ll have several opportunities this year. Words – thoughts – action can be impulsive if not ‘checked’ for “what’s really motivating me to HOLD ON to this stuff?” The current “Uncivil War” starts WITHIN.

America is growing up. BABY STEPS. To change perception one MUST be aware of what is being perceived! Earth is healing Herself of a virus. Be respectful of Nature. She works in mysterious ways.

What’s best for everyone? That’s the “burning question?” Which comes first – economics or people? Be kind to yourself – stress does crazy things to the body and many bodies are ‘shell-shocked.

See through the eyes of compassion and can you open your heart to forgiveness – of Self and Other? We’re in a different reality now. It’s not the Endgame – it’s simply the next step in the next level of the game we call LIFE! Better question – “what good is coming from me holding onto my anger-grief-sorrow?

As my grandma used to say – “unforgiveness is like taking poison and expecting someone else to die.” My grandfather used to say – “when god hands you sh*t – make fertilizer.” To hear Amanda Gorman’s – “The Hill We Climb” Inauguration Poem – CLICK HERE.

Radical Acceptance is a thing. TRUST yourself above all others. Listen inside as a different reality is revealing itself – from the Inside-Out! Move your body – get out in Nature when possible. Look at the Moon tonight – it’s building to the next Full Moon on the 28th – expect Revelation! If you’re reading this – you’re much closer to your Truth than you know. You are loved more than you will ever know. All is well!

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