2021 – Step 16 – 20: When Answers Meet Questions

“Anagnorisis – (noun) – The point in a play, novel, etc., in which a principal character recognizes or discovers another character’s true identity or the true nature of their own circumstances.”

Credit: Katya Evdokimova – “Upside Down”

Every 200 years – whether we believe we need it or not – Nature hits the “refresh” button with Humanity. Every 84 years we refresh ‘rebellion and reality.’ Every 30 years we refresh boundaries. Every 18.5 years we refresh our direction. Every 12 years we refresh beliefs and dogma. Every 2 years we refresh ‘actions taken.’ Every 28 days we refresh habits and emotional outlook.

Convergence Ahead! Moments Meet. Answers discover their questions. Time stands still. Stay present. BOTH feet on the ground. Trust yourself above ALL others – especially those touting the “truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth – so help me god.

The world is changing. It’s actually been noticeably changing for the past 50 years! But being consumed with consumption we haven’t really noticed. In 2021 – we MUST notice. It’s a DIY year. While optimism – faith and hope have their place – nothing can make a difference quicker – than discipline and effort. Yep – work! Do it yourself. For yourself. Think for yourself. Parent yourself.

One of the hardest things to accept is that others can never accept “me” as “I am” – if they cannot accept themselves. Being human is messy – and that’s what makes us so damn beautiful! If there was ever a time to ALLOW your “Better Angel” to rise to the surface – this is THE week!

Judging another for being a Narcissist? Be grateful they’ve showed up to act out a personal ‘shadow’ that wishes it could take more control of its own life and speak up more. Judging another by being enchanted with some gift we perceive they have that “I don’t” – is an opportunity to allow that part of Self to rise up from within.

Those concerned with what’s happening in America – have faith – this is a 2 year process of purification. Once we remember that the Constitution was written by wealthy white men to protect wealthy white men – we can get down to the business at hand.

It will take at least one generation to begin to repair what’s broken in the system. Humans don’t need to be ‘fixed’ – Humans need to be loved! Self-Love is the first step.

We each have gifts – but comparing Self to Other will forever keep those gifts locked inside. Kindness – forgiveness – empathy will come in handy this week and the coming months. No one has “my” answer – or question. What’s BEST for everyone?

Yes – there will be bumps along the way – and no – chances are higher than average we are NOT creating a NEW reality. What if we’re simply creating a “different reality?” Be your best – “Best-Self” this week! Let’s roll! We’re actually further along than it appears. All is well!

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