2021 – Step 11 – 15: Scared Alive!

Hawaii – 2010

The Sanskrit word for – “SELF” – means “the boundless one.” Without boundaries – without SIDES. What we see in others can NOT be seen or recognized unless it exists inside SELF. There are NO sides there are ONLY different perspectives and points of view. Stay sharp!

Extreme maturity (MASTER LEVEL). Extreme patience (MASTER LEVEL). Set drama to the side. Set intellectual anger to the side. Nothing is as it appears. America is going through “reverse osmosis” – which is the process of purification. The world is watching. It’s been disappointing to discover America “is just like other countries.” America is no longer the shining example.

Many are waiting around for something that is not real. Be aware that if it does appear to be coming – it could be false and insincere. Illusions revealed. Check for alternative routing. It’s been building since mid-November and reaches a peak the last week of January. It’s the carry-over from 2020 that’s been hiding in plain sight. Duh. Like a bunch of drunk sailors who suddenly sober up – after an extended leave. And that is NO disrespect to ANY military personnel – I come from a military family and saw a great deal growing up.

No matter how it looks “out-thereright now – a very different reality is about to revealed. No one sees it coming. Few are prepared. Nature has a built-in-default to balance the Earth and all Her inhabitants. Everyone has been fooled at various times in life. Everyone has been deceived before.

The question that is beginning to be answered is – “how well do I accept responsibility for my SELF and my participation/actions?” The answer is on its way. Nothing bad is going to happen. Nothing good is going to happen. It’s simply a moment of monumental recognition of a Mythical Reality we all agreed to call Truth.

Expect the unexpected. Expect all of a sudden. Expect out of the blue. Expect serendipity. Expect synchronicity. Is it Karma – Fate – or Free Will? When questioning reality – always start with Self – “the boundless one.” There are no sides and there are no Saviors. DIY! It’s tricky out-there – – stay in your Magic!

Pleasure can be purchased. Happiness rises from Gratitude.

What happens when an “unstoppable force” meets an “immovable object?February 2021. Collectively we’ll discover a ‘problem.’ It’s multi-layered and full of texture and context. For those who took the leap in 2020expect some pleasant surprises.

The ego sets goals – the Soul-Self makes decisions. Humans often confuse pleasure for “happiness.Quick – name 5 things you are grateful for!

When humans are angry – it’s easier to believe that which confirms “my bias – what I believe to be real.” Stop repeating cultural narratives and they lose their hold on beliefs. It’s ‘smoke and mirrors.

The New Moon this week is an opportunity to eliminate our Big-Daddy-Issue – which is that the “intellectual-masculine Father-God” knows best. (Hmmm – I can decide for myself) America sees dancers in the Shadows and – out of fear – because “I can’t touch that” – will run in the opposite direction – because “it might hurt.” It all boils down to Death-Anxiety. Ego fears death and its irrelevance. Soul-Self KNOWS it’s “boundless.”

The Kindness Economy is birthing itself. Camelot and Prince Charming are fairy-tales. It will take until June for most to understand. If you’re reading this – you were born for this moment. Think rhyme and reason – YES – there’s a purpose! It’s all relevant now.

One-Race with many colors. One-Party with two sides. Expect to find some questions to answers! It’s a paradox. Kindness and forgiveness are crucial to Self – because what is brewing INSIDE is pre-pairing to move outward. Have faith – we’re right on time! Be boundless! Be yourself – and – TRUST Your Self above all others. Listen Inside – you’ll be glad. All is well! ❤

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