2020 – Trust Your Self Above ALL Others

“In threatening and survival situations, we look for evidence of hope – a small sign that the situation may improve. When an abuser/controller shows the victim some small kindness, even though it is to the abusers benefit as well, the victim interprets that small kindness as a positive trait of the captor.”  ~Dr. Carver (Love and Stockholm Syndrome)

CREDIT – Frank Moth – “We Used to Live There”

Nothing stays the sameShift in perceptionIgnore – Deny – Deal?  Reality!  It can be challenging.  It can be peaceful.  Point of view will determine individual experience.  The Universe has a plan – and humans do not have access to it.  Suffice it to say – we can ALL still be surprised.

Welcome to the Future!

Imagine that waking up in a foreign country – where the language and customs are completely unknown.  A person would be forced to adapt and change in order to survive.  It’s surprising what can be communicated with ‘hand signals/gestures’ and smiles borne of gentleness and kindness.

Depending on how well one deals with ‘challenge’ will determine how well one is able to change and adapt.  Depending on one’s upbringing – socio-economic conditions – education – religious affiliation (or not) and dysfunction in the childhood home instills the skills needed/required to adapt or not.

2020 delivered “Cease and Desistorder of old beliefs – thoughts – behaviors.  As we approach the last month of 2020 – the question is – “where am I?”  It all starts with “ME.”  It’s called ‘self-acceptance’ for ‘mythoughts – deeds – words – actions.

Erasmus in the newest Comet to be discovered (September 17, 2020).  It visits us roughly every 2000 years.  And the synchronicity of the name – Erasmus –  which means “Belovedis cause for hope.  It’s a sign in the sky!

One thing humans have learned in 2020 is – “just the essentials.”  What is really and truly needed to exist?  With so much behavioral change – it will be interesting to see how quickly we fall back into ‘old habits’ – once the threat of the Virus is no more.  But – we’ll have to overcome the fear of the vaccine – but there are many who believe it’s all a Hoax.  We’ve got a way to go!

One step at a time!

The urge to break out and be free will be reaching a fever pitch as many cannot handle the ‘stay-at-home/lockdown-phase’ of the “Cease and Desist” phase.  Those who ignore – or deny the changes ahead will suffer the greatest.  But it’s a ‘damned if you do – damned if you don’t’ situation.  Or is it?  Future Self might have a different point of view.

We keep traveling the same circle of cycles over and over.  Small cycles are nested in much larger cycles of evolution.

Expand bandwidth – narrow the frequency.  Future-Self.  Self-Care.  Self-Help.  Self-Acceptance.  Truth is everywhere.  Discern for yourself.  Use the body as you Truth-Barometer (does this feel like THE truth to me?) – but listen to Inner Wisdom to discern personal truth.

The intersection that’s reached this week is in TIME – not SPACE.  Boundaries are needed and without them – chaos reigns.  Whether it’s time – money – energy – or emotions – self-care requires us to set personal limits.  Be Mindful.  The “little-ego-self” is always in a hurry.  Essence will pace itself – moving steadily – step-by-step – knowing it will ultimately reach its goal.  Remember to set ‘limits’ on limitation too!  Balance.

Woman-Wise – Feminine Mystical Self.  Right-Brain-FunctionNarrow the frequency.  The Renaissance arrives soon.  2021 brings a ‘different reality.’  Honor yourself first – before offering help to others.  Many are suffering and it’s difficult to watch and hard to stomach.  Compassion means respecting the other person’s right to choose their own path.

For those with the old memories coming up for review – look at them – because they arrive when healing is ready to be accepted.

The question to ask is – “why have I allowed myself to remain _________.

Relationships deliver revelations and surprises.  This is tricky.  It’s called “Trauma Bonding” and we’re often not aware that it is Trauma – not Love that bonds us to othersClick here to learn how it might be affecting you!  The human desire to bond sometimes confuses love and abuse.  It’s really a ‘thing.’

We’re entering a phase that will take until the end of January to exit – think ‘Future-Self-Rising.’  Illusion – delusion – disbelief – confusion and fear can take their toll on Mental Health.

At the Heart of all the change taking us into 2021 is the discovery that we don’t really need a ‘middle-man.’  The Church considered a heretic as someone who believed they could access God without the Church.  The SPARK of the Divine/God/Allah/Creator or Universe lives inside each of us.  Tap into the Universe Live-Streaming 24/7/365.  It’s free!

On November 17, 1989Czechoslovakia – the Non-Violent Velvet Revolution was ignited by students who brought down the One-Party-Rule.  In the US – 150 years ago The Democrats were the Conservatives and the Republicans were the Liberals.  We keep going back and forth – as the pendulum swings.  One-Party – Two-Faces.  There’s a Youthquake headed our way! 

Nothing is as it appears.  Our bodies are NOT immortal – but ‘my Soul’ is.  When was the last time you and your Soul had a good ‘sit-down-one-on-one conversation?’  The body is the Soul’s vehicle for evolution – is that to radical a thought?  One of the best things that will come from Coronavirus will be the birth of Epigenetics – DNA repair.  Do some research on the vaccine that talks to RNA.  Do some research on ‘blockchain technology’ (this scares the banking industry – no middleman).

We’re about to pull the lever on Human Evolution.  We make adjustments every 5 years.  How do you get almost 8 billion humans to change from taking orders from the top – to making changes from the bottom up?  Time – plain and simple.  The Universe has Infinity.  IT is in NO hurry.  Get comfortable with tenacity and patience.  Both will be needed in the coming years.

Listen and learn to trust yourself – above ALL others.  Go deep this week and expect the absolute Unexpected.  There is not right or wrong – there is IN and OUT.  Be sure to include looking up and down too.  Be the change you want to see in the world and have faith – we’re actually making great progress!  Be extremely kind and gentle to yourself and others.  Try listening to Future Self that is speaking WithinAll is well!  ❤

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