2020 – Sunday Blessings – The Unintended “Law of Consequences”

“Hallowed – (adjective) – holy, consecrated, sacred, revered.” 

Credit: Film School Rejects

Irrational Probability.  Wrapped in uncertainty traveling through ‘unfolding’ we’re settling in and preparing for Winter.  Deliverance arrives in America this week.  Expect ‘twists and turns’ with ‘both sideswinning. It’s a Paradox. The ‘writing on the wall’ appears.  It may take a little bit for it to be made ‘official’ but real change is upon us.  Many are going to be angry because ‘my guy didn’t win.’  Many will be joyous because ‘my guy won‘ when the counting is over.

The Universe rolls the dice!

We live life through cycles.  Some cycles are so big we are not aware of them.  Empires run on 500-year cycles.  America is approaching its 250th birthday.  China has celebrated ten 500-year cycles and India fifteen 500-year cycles.

Humans seek happiness.  Souls seek LightWe cannot outrun our past.  Mind  blindness reveals itself.  It is a slow and painful process.  The Mind fears change.  Since 2008 America has been traveling through a long and slow evolution.  ‘Hope and change’ are here (that’s not a prediction).  It’s the UnintendedLaw of Consequences.”

For those who live in “maintain the status quo at ALL costs” – aka ‘Affluence’ – chances are they will be very surprised at the result of the consequences their actions of the past 12 years bring about.  It’s irrational probability – the very last thing one expects.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned in 2020Have you been surprised – or has this year supplied confirmation to what was already known/understood?

Without collective change – no change matters.  The way we work has changed more in the past 28 weeks than has changed in the past 28 years.  It’s part and parcel of  our Reordered Future.  And – emotions are not ‘my enemy.

How do you ‘feel?

There are 2 kinds of capitalism – Industrial Capitalism (working for long-term-growth and profit) and Financial Capitalism (profit without working for it).  Which one is better? Depends on who you ask.

Habits have changed dramatically in 2020Just the essentials.  Everyone has learned how to manage their resources better than pre-Covid (no matter how great or small).  We prioritize differently – what’s a real necessity and what’s a toxic distraction?  People have quit smoking – focusing on health.  Marriages of ‘convenience’ are dissolving.  It takes 21 days to form a new habit.  We’ve been at this for months now.

Imagine you’re a foreign exchange student living in anther country for a year.  You go home and everyone you know has changed.  What happened?  Surprise – they didn’t change but “I did.”  What was learned cannot be unseen – unheard – undone and never forgotten.  It’s assimilated and integrated into the personality.  Evolutionary Growth!

Self-Love is our newest habit.  We’re cooking at home more – eating out less – eating healthier. We’re exercising and moving our bodies more.  Delaying gratification.  And Americans have pretty much figured out no one is going to ‘save me’ – so I better ‘save myself.

This week expect confusion and some chaos.  It’s OK – the dust will settle.  Think back to around September 23rd – it’s time to clear the air of misunderstandings taking back “all my projections.”  We live in a constant state of “becoming.”  No judging either.  What does “my Social Conditioning expect from me” is the question? Does it still matter what others think?

Relationships need attending – and opposition between ‘you and me’ can find middle ground – IF – we can slow down long enough to ‘practice empathy AND mercy.”  Some will need to grieve a loss of a relationship (with Self or Other)/way of being.  Remember – your Soul and my Soul are old friends and we’ve known one another for Infinity.

The ONLY way a human can know ‘Self’ is through ‘Other.’  Remember that! 

Grieving has no timeline – is without rules and NO laws to break.  It’s a process.

For those ready – Life is about to offer a new adventure this month.  Will you say – “Yes?”  Vulnerability is a Superpower.  Curiosity dispels ignorance.  Ask questions. Some will hit the ‘jackpot!’  How does one recognize ‘good fortune’ and define it for your-Self.

I’ll keep my side of the street clean and you keep your side of the street clean – and we can meet in the middle.  Avoid other people’s drama and ‘stuff.’  Repeat after me – “not my stuff – that’s your stuff.”  It’s always darkest before Sunrise.  None of this is ‘old normal.’  Redefining Normal.   

Nothing is as it appears. Truth and beauty are rarely hidden – but usually overlooked and unobserved.  Slow down.  “I am what you know but cannot speak.”  (Thunder, Perfect Mind) – Conflict and anger are tools – use them wisely.  The question is – “what am I learning?”  Chances are higher than average it has to do with ‘accepting myself as I am.”  When we ignore ‘Self’ – we keep aggravating the part of ‘Self’ that is begging to be healed – self-forgiveness and self-acceptance is the starting point.

Be your own Messiah!

Be kind – be real – be generous with belly laughs and remember – the greatest adventure is found when we LOOK INSIDE!  That’s where we keep the ‘answers and our secrets.’  No one else has ‘my answers.‘ You are more than you can imagine and loved more than you will ever know.  All is well! ❤

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