2020 – Sunday Blessings – Deep Listening

“Veridical – (adjective) – Truthful.  Coinciding with reality.” 

Credit: Spaceweather.com

Redefining Values.  Discovering Impersonal Self.  “It is what it is” – is bandied about – but – what does the “WHAT” mean in “it is what it is?”  That’s the starting point this week.  Self-Existing.  There is a Silent Witness Within recording every thought – deed – word and action for future review.  Completely Neutral.

Global problems require global solutions.  Linear responses to exponential threats are often overwhelmed by cascading forces humans fail to appreciate.  The “play now – pay later” culture likes to stick its head in the sand while trying to ‘kick the can’ down the road by ignoring – denying – or by responding only when forced to.  We’re here.

Whoever owns your mind – owns your time.  Every drop of water and every ounce of food that enters ‘my body’ is controlled by politicsIt is what it is – or is it?  Reality is catching up to everyone now.  This is a very powerful time and senses are heightened.

What if we’ve got it all backwards?

It’s been almost 80 years since the US participated in WWII and people were forced to sacrifice – to pull togetherCan you imagine people acting for the greater good now?  What if all we were supposed to learn this year was how to sacrifice for the ‘greater good?

For those who still live in the 50’s – the awakening will be rude.  And no – we’re not going back to the way it was in the 70’s either.  We’ve never been where we’re going – surprise!

Preparation for the future requires ‘deep processing – listening and integration.’  One of the biggest hurdles a person has to overcome is ‘finding forgiveness for Self and Other.’  Disappointment and loss precede ‘waking up.’   Nobody knows how to say ‘goodbye.

Pushing forward this week helps no one – we’re almost there.  Reimagine.  Reinvent.  Process of elimination.  Without clear leadership from the ‘top down’ we’ve learned new skills from the bottom up – mainly how to parent Self.

Set “Ninja Boundaries” and that means to make it a ‘daily practice.’  Discipline.  Physical – Emotional – Spiritual boundaries. (Thanks D.)

It keeps us sane while it appears the inmates are running the Asylum.

Rats are abandoning the ‘ship.’  Always ask “who profits?”  Follow THEIR money.  Blockchain will change America’s next election.  In the next 10 years we’ll be voting on our phones.  People who want to be President will probably need to take a psychological test and make the results public.  Ouch – who would willing to let the world inside their Soul?  Only a fearless leader with nothing to hide.

But – we’re learning to lead ourselves – that’s OUR Future! Self-organizing.  Self-regulating.

This is going to be a very busy week – with fact and fallacy coming at us left and right.  The trick is to take a deep breath – exhale slowly and go INSIDE.

The Truth resides inside and doesn’t need advertising.

Find Middle Ground.  Some will sell their Soul for pennies on the dollar – while others are so stubborn – they refuse to compromise their definition of ‘independence.’  Build bridges when possible.  Let go when needed. We’re weaving together Interdependence!

For those wide-awake – please trust intuition.  It will be so clear it’s scary.  It’s the thing – coming over the horizon.  Set over-thinking to the side (for a moment or two) and MOVE into the ‘emotional and spiritual Core.’  Sanctity and salvation won’t be found hiding in the closet.

Do not allow anyone to ‘bully’ Self – including self-bullying.  Yes – it’s a paradox that rises up and says – ‘what do I know?”  You KNOW plenty!  Trust yourself above ALL others.

Sparkly-Star-Shaped-People will probably be surprised at what’s being manifested in their lives.  (You did it!)  Ego creates complications which leads to chaos – let’s not do thatWalk easy.  Just like being on a plane – put your oxygen mask on first – then help others.  That way – everyone can breathe easier.

Some of the information that will be revealed this week will not be pleasant – some will make us smile.  No matter what is revealed – understand it’s going to take time to unravel and untangle.  We’re at the beginning.  Patience with the process.  Everyone lies to themselves – it’s a form of self-protection.  Come clean with yourself – start working on a new foundation.

Grieve the illusion of control.  Just like a parent – we know we can’t protect our children from pain and hurt as they get older – but – teaching them how to deal with their own unconscious provides them the tools they need for the future.

Here’s an exercise – the next time you get into a conversation with a stranger (they’re the easiest) do not talk about yourself unless asked.  That will reveal how much of the unconscious is working inside Self.  And just like the child who is afraid – go to the Internal Mother WithinBe woman-wise – feminine-friendly.  Nurture yourself like a ‘badass Mama would.”  Unburden yourself to the Inner Mother and listen for her Guidance.  Shhhh – – – listen.

It is what it is!

This will be a good week – restoring the promise of things to come – preparing for the “Next Level.”  Time waits for no one BUT everyone is ‘right on time.’  Life is a Mystery.  Just remember – you are hurtling through time and space at over 66,000 MPH on a hunk of rock traveling around a massive Nuclear Generator and no one knows who is diving the ‘Ship’ or where we’re headed.  Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all, said Helen Keller.  Love out loud this week because you are loved more than you will ever know!  All is well.  ❤

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