2020 – Sunday Blessings – The Great Pivot


“The idea that we are independent of nature is a tremendous conceit, and true because we are, relatively speaking, divorced from nature by that very attitude. The constructs of human beings are really no more unnatural than bees’ nests, and birds’ nests, and constructs of animal and insect beings. They’re extensions of ourselves.”  ~Alan Watts

Falling OpenTurn and face the strange.  Reaping what’s been sown.  Shedding skin.  About face.  There are cracks in the “Reality-Show.”  Obvious and apparent.  America is slowly ‘falling out of love’ with its exceptionalism.  Or – is it?  The Eagles sang – “take it to the limit one more time.”  Moving past ‘right or wrong’ – it’s time to go way – way – way out beyond “Yes and No!” 

Expect an interesting week!  Expect ‘twists and turns’ as insight becomes potential. 

Disclosure is on the menu100% Human – Infinite in Spirit!  Before projecting anything – please consider that ‘fear’ is a driving force on the planet.  Thought Experiment – when listening to ‘others’ offer opinions – separate their ‘emotional energy’ from their ‘words.’  What am I really hearing – and can I hear their fear

Balance.  “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death – I will fear no Evil.”  The Mind is always ‘startled’ when it recognizes Itself. Whoops. Self-Blindness. Witnessing Karma play itself out opens doors to new realities. 

Which is better – faith or hope?  Hope is wistful – flimsy – but Faith can move mountains.  Grieving and sadness are part of ‘shedding the skin.’  But keep the big picture perspective ‘front and center.’  It’s a delicate – elegant dance.  Take deep breaths and repeat as needed. 

Grief strips away the non-essential.  It reorders priorities – reconfigures values.  It rids us of BS – replacing it with emptiness.  That’s the starting point – time to refill the tank

Nothing is as it appears.  Think back to around November 20, 2019.  Can you conjure that memory from Heart?  Disentangling Self from past patterns.  Where is the ‘past’ buried?  Look inside.  It’s hiding in the corner behind the disappointment.  Time for Role-Reversal. 

Wealthy Leaders are out of touch.  The US brand/image has been dismantled globally which encourages other countries to step up and are now stronger than ever.  The ‘power-shift’ becomes Self-Evident this week. 

Mirror – Mirror!

October always brings surprisesSerendipity – synchronicity – supernatural – or pure absurdityPoint of view will determine how events are experienced/perceived. 

Go look in the mirror and ask Self“_______ (your name here) – will you allow me to love you?”  Wait for the answer and better yet – see where you feel it in your body!  The body never lies to us.  Self-Love is a NEW Habit learned this year.  When was the last time you asked yourself if Self would allow you to love

Which comes first – the chicken or the egg?  Damned if you do – damned if you don’t.  Astronomers and Astrologers are excited about a 20-year alignment that occurs December 21st.  Jupiter and Saturn come together in the sky!  Financial professionals – Marketers and Sociologists are very familiar with 20-year cycles too.  Every 20 years we go through Social ChangeWe’re here!

Not all Americans are “Toddlers.”  In 2020 the Right has gained 5% and the Left has lost 5% of voters.  But – the Independents have seen a 17% increase in registration in 2020.  It’s the fastest growing political party in the country. 

There are more people now willing to vote country over party – Main Street over Wall Street – and people over profit.  Americans were not taught to think about what’s best for everyone.  We were taught to chase the American Dream of Wealth – because we believe it determines our real value as a person.  Sad – but true

America MUST come to grips with its Shadow – on the left AND right to create real progress.  We have the under-40 group becoming more politically active and they’re not happy with how their parents have handled things.  It’s dysfunctional.  Do words AND actions match – or is it just ‘lip service?’   

Would your grandparents be proud of your point of view?  Pass the Torch!

This week – tension rises.  Yes – more anger ahead.  Step back when getting triggered.  It’s important.  It’s a sign of Self-Blindness“My god – I can’t see my Mind!”  Humans are complex creatures.  We’re rarely aware of our childhood emotional baggage we’re dragging with us.  The older we get the heavier the load as we move into the future. 

Listen with your eyes and See with your ears.  Be counter-intuitive.  When noticing the ‘angry folks’ – slow down and see if it’s possible to separate their “words” and their “emotions.”  Anger can be a tool for change and growth.  Courage and motivation. 

It’s time to reclaim ‘longing for Boundless.’  It’s a powerful motivator for personal change.  Relationships come into sharp focus.  When was the last time you interacted with a ‘whole person?’  No one has ‘my answers’ and “I am in charge of creating wholeness within.” 

Ready – Steady – Balance.  It’s starts inside – and moves outward from ‘me.’  Be patient and gentle.  Kindness is a cure.  Be generous with it this week.  See the humor – because in the end – the only thing we take with us is the ‘memories.’  Get naked with your Soul – look inside – see what’s going on in there.  Get a spotlight – not a flashlightExpect Bigly!  Build bridges between There and HERE

We’re more alike than different.  A person’s ‘state of consciousness’ is more important than skin color – religion – politics and much more powerful than the majority realize.  Be part of the Solution.  Model Equality.  Speak Truth.  Do no harm – take no ‘Poop.’  Be fair with yourself.  Be the change you want to see in the world.  Expect progress this week. You are loved more than you will ever know!  All is well!  ❤

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