2020 – Sunday Blessings – Reversing The Wheel

In the future days, which we seek to make secure, we look forward to a world founded upon four essential human freedoms

  • The first is freedom of speech and expression—everywhere in the world.
  • The second is freedom of every person to worship God in his own way—everywhere in the world.
  • The  third  is freedom  from  want—which,  translated  into  world  terms,  means  economic  understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants—everywhere in the world.
  • The fourth is freedom from fear—which, translated into world terms, means a world-wide reduction of armaments  to  such  a  point  and  in  such  a  thorough  fashion  that  no  nation  will  be  in  a  position  to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor—anywhere in the world.”

~Franklin D. Roosevelt – (State of the Union Address to the Congress) – January 6, 1941

One step back – three steps forward.  Transformation is upon us – trust the Unfamiliar this week.  Each generation revises its Myth. Revision ahead. Evolution in actionUncertainty creates anxiety.  Natural Design. 

Vulnerability is NOT weaknessIt’s our Superpower – surprise!  Operating from the old established rules serves no one.  It’s not about ‘taking sides’ – it’s about stopping the compromises made to be accepted or fitting in.   

War is NEVER civil.  Psychic warfare keeps us separated.  There is One Party – Two Faces.  Moving from Duality into Triality.  There is always a “Third Option.”  Plan C!  In order for ‘US’ to get along – acknowledge that there is a path where no one has to give up their point of view – and no one owns “THE” truth.  Conflict is a ‘clash of wills.’  Conflict starts inside.  Embrace a 360-degree point of view.  When ‘locked-in-conflict’ we’ve already lost our point of view. 

What is best for the Whole?


A Union is created when two ‘freedoms’ come together – from mutual respect – for a common goal.  It’s neither ‘seduction nor control.’  Find higher ground.  Self with Self.  Self with Other.  Self with Earth.  Nature does not differentiate between the ‘cheater’ or the ‘cheated.’  One is not better than the other.  Nature only seeks balance.  There is an elegant Intelligence to Nature – She moves in mysterious ways

We can only receive what we have the capacity to receive.  What is needed to balance your life out? 

I need some __________ in my life to balance me out (fill in the blank)!

Something is rising up from Within.  Many are ready to give birth to a vision or creativity.  Expect life to reveal a third option this week.  It can start as a whisper saying – “Go Ahead.”  Something inside receives an ‘existential green light.’  There is perfection in ‘timing.’ 

Adults are adulting.  Self-worth says – “I’m an adult and I can choose YES or NO.”  Life is a dance of give and take – but constantly flowing in-and-out – back-and-forth.  “I know better now.” 

Open arms – minds – Souls and embrace unknowingness.  Some days it’s the only thing that makes sense BUT our culture abhors saying – “I don’t know.”  We perceive it as a weakness.  Maybe life doesn’t work the way I was taught.  Maybe there is another way.  Maybe it’s better than I can imagine – right now. 

Anxiety is created by uncertainty.  Find time to sit in silence and see life as though it is a Great Mystery we once called God.  The Great Mystery always follows us back out into the world.  It’s ‘magnetic’ in nature.  Pay attention to what’s coming back around this week. 

Think Quantum Physics.  Stronger magnets can alter weaker magnets – eventually absorbing them.  In the outer world – being able to maintain True North – steadiness can affect those around you.  Osmosis.  It’s absorbed.  Stop being surprised by the madness

The ‘old time’ is collapsing in on Itself.  The pace will accelerate this month. Think Alchemy – turning lead into gold – removing the dross of dead-weight.  No one alive has ever been ‘here’ before – but in times gone by – this scenario has played itself out every way possible.  It’s our turn to experience and begin laying the foundation for the future.  History doesn’t always repeat itself – but it does rhyme. 

In America – everyone is focused on the Presidential Election.  This year – at least 267 women of color are major-party candidates for Congress.  Read more here.  Yes – Women DO belong in the House.  We’re moving away from ‘top-down’ and growing from the ‘bottom up.’  We’re creating Herstory – not History

America is an experiment.  E Pluribus Unum – ‘out of many – one.’  Feminine energy is needed.  Women may disagree – but we’d be hard pressed to find a woman who would intentionally kill another woman’s child.  Women are wired to give birth – to nurture. 

There is no quick fix – this has to play out.  We’re on Cosmic Time – not man-made time.  After all these months of ‘stay-at-home’ – behaviors have changed.  Stop being afraid to say NO – stop being afraid to say YES.  Decisions will be made this week.  It’s an individual choice which path to take.  Consider what makes you feel alive and follow that passion.  It’s yours and yours alone.  It’s OK to break out of the cycle of compromise too.   

Be generous with kindness.  “Do unto others” is a great motto to start with.  Be yourself because we each have a reason for being here – it’s to contribute to the whole.  Your “wildness” may be just the thing needed to encourage another to step into theirs.  Allow yourself to be realthere is no boogeyman – except the one that is desperately trying to hide in the shadowsYou’re more awesome than you know – or believe.  Join with others of like-wildness and let’s roll.  Here comes change this week.  It’s going to be a good week.  All is well!

Pluto SD @ 22 Capricorn, Mercury opposite Uranus Scorpio/Taurus, Mercury Rx in Scorpio, Mars square Saturn, Pluto square Eris, Mars sextile North Node, Venus trine Uranus, Sun square Jupiter, Sun in Libra, Venus in Virgo, Heartquake, October Surprise, Solar Eclipse @ 23 Sagittarius, Lunar Eclipse @ 8 Gemini, Uranus Rx in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn SD @ 25 Capricorn, Eris Rx iN Aries, North Node in Gemini, Jupiter-Saturn-Conjunction @ 0 Aquarius

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