2020 – Sunday Blessings: Souls Searching

Brandy Foy – “Making the Leap”

“My life can be summed up in three accounts: I was raw, I was cooked, and I was burned.”  ~Rumi

October begins at the end of September.  The Moon controls the ‘ebb and flow’ of Earth’s oceans.  The human body is over 75% water.  Water binds all living things. Silly humans – thinking they are ‘unaffected’ by planetary movement.  Real change arrives when “comfort zones” are discarded. 

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.  Next month brings a rare Blue Moon – that means two Full Moons in the same month – October 1st and 31st.  Expect ‘tricks AND treats.’  Ordinary can be extraordinary in the Light of Day!  The question this week is – “where is my Soul leading me?”

Souls are searching and it’s time for a Leap!

It’s called Hypersanity – a free state of higher consciousness.  Think Autism – our Culture strives to make Autism fit in a cultural box – maybe they know something we don’t.  The masses call those with a different perspectivemad or crazy.’  They tow their own ‘party-line.’  Madness doesn’t create ‘breakdowns’ – it creates ‘breakthroughs – Leaps!’

If you had to make up a song title for your life in 2020 – what would it be?

That’s the starting point this week.  We live in cycles – not a straight line.  Smaller cycles bow to larger cycles.  It’s nothing less than a Spiritual Uprising from Within!  On some level everyone ‘senses’ the coming changes.  The I-Ego will resist out of fear. 

Many dislike what they’re witnessing in others – due to ‘playing by the rules and conforming as taught’ – only to have ‘Other’ stand up and speak out – “why – how dare they?”  Imagine the audacity of being “my True Self and speaking my personal truth?” 

A teacup isn’t made to hold the ocean – just a cup of delicious tea.  Many believe that ‘cup of tea’ is safer because it’s ‘containable.’  Imagine how much we’d miss by not jumping into the ocean and riding the waves.

Between now and December 21, 2020 – each of us will relive 2020 – expect it to be accelerated – expect intensity.  Do not look away – face it head on.   It’s time to reframe our perspective.  What makes me feel alive?   

This week – we’ll retrace the first six weeks of 2020.  We may need our ‘superpowers.’  Think back to the Summer of 1988Unpack that cape and dust off the mask.   Remember the first couple of weeks of February 2020?  How much has changed in perspective?  Do ‘fences’ need to be ‘mended?’  Raise your eyebrows if you remember.

Expect disclosure this weeksecret taboos.  Ooohhh.  Be a good Noticer.  Look for those that could be identified as “Hypersane.”  They’re easy to spot – our society calls them misfits – freaks – mavericks – free spirits and sometimes just plain ‘crazy.’  Are they really – or – are they simply listening/following their own inner Wisdom

Don’t be surprised when Mental Health and Spirituality start to converge.

Relationships can be re-paired.  There’s an ease and flow.  Wild Mercy and Empathy are Twin Sisters.  Be generous with both.  Vulnerability is our greatest strength.  Masculine energy can discerns and creates a safe space for Feminine energy to create new life from the passionate Heart of Intelligence.  Eventually we’ll recognize the Great Androgyne. Without labels.   

Think back to the last week of Marchseeds were planted.  They bear fruit.  Illusion and confusion are burned in the Baptism of FireIt’s official – we’re done being cooked.  Take yourself off the stove or out of the oven. Some feel burnt.  Applications for new businesses are rising at the fastest rate since 2007.  Consumer behavior has changed.  The world was given ‘stay-at-home’ orders.  What are the top three things you’ve learned about yourself since then? 

Stop projecting the ‘past’ onto the ‘future.’  No one alive has ever been ‘here.’  We are creating it as we go.  Which area of life have you now carved out space to “express yourself?”  Look inside for the answer.  If there is a situation that feels like it’s “unsolvable” – rest assured ‘saving Grace’ is available for those who sincerely desire peace.  Find peace with Self first.  Allow ‘shame’ to be just a feeling – no need to wear it or carry it forward. 

Can we get comfortable with the discomfort of ‘not knowing?’  Does it ‘feel right’ inside my body?  The body never lies to us – it has no ego-investment in an outcome.  Mother Nature is a FORCEdo not discount HerShe moves in mysterious ways.  No man can control Her.  And the Earth is a sentient Being – don’t believe it – ask a Farmer about their relationship with the Earth.  People who never put their hands in the ‘dirt’ don’t get “IT.”  They will

Pure Alchemy.  We are literally watching the slow and deliberate turn as we witness Human History be rewrittenCollaborate – Collaborate – Collaborate.  One small step taken each day adds up to Leaps.  2021 is less than 100 days away – and the future is bright.  But it won’t be the way we’ve always done it.  We’ve been reorganized – realigned – and everyone has gotten a 2020 Tune-Up!  We’re ready.  We’ll begin a brand new chapter in the “Book-of-Change” this week.  Weaving the future. 

Raise your ‘psychic antenna’ this week – listen.  It’s easy to go to ‘fight or flight.’  Stay centered.  Find the still spot inside.  It’s edgy out there – so please slow down.  Check for shallow breathing.  Deep breathing helps.  Mix and match willfulness and strategysmart choices.  The question to ask – “is this going to help or hurt the situation?”  Trust yourself to find the answer.  How boring would it be if we were all alike?  No one owns the Truth.  Be respectful of other’s Truth.  Life is cumulative.  Almost 8 billion people means almost 8 billion totally unique points of view.  Remember – the Soul is aware of EVERYTHING happening.  Be yourself.  Trust yourself – above all others. Let’s roll.  All is well!  ❤

“Anyone who embraces the mender’s way of life must proceed through continual, infinite, breath taking leaps of faith. Each time you face an unknown future with creativity rather than grasping at known quantities, you leap. Each time you dare to believe your art can sustain you financially, you leap. Each time you trust your tribe of menders, you leap. Each time you embrace a love that lays you bare in body, heart, or soul, you leap. And whenever you begin to disbelieve in yourself, your destiny, your ability to heal some part of the world, you must leap instead into the branches of magic.” ~Martha Beck

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